Noan’s Week that was and what will happen in the next 3 days!?!

To start… here is what happened last week:

Green Studies – We have completed our roof ornaments, and presented them to the Grade 3’s during their assembly. I wrote about it with pics on my Tumblr Blog, which you can find on the link…

Scuba Diving – We completed our last pool dives as far as I understand, and it looks like most of what we have ahead is in the ocean. Still practicing skills, but no more theory. Yay! I took some photos and wanted to share them, but unfortunately the G+ site I was using has been disabled.

The week to come:

Green Studies – We will continue the climbing wall, a crazy and exciting project if there ever was any. We managed to get through the first round with no casualties, and found the new chisels are a far sight better than last year’s. Pics to come by the end of the week.

Scuba Diving – Into the sea! I think we will do at least one sea dive this week… as it is a short week that will be how we end the week… Whoopee!


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