Noan – The Week that Was and the Week Ahead

Green Studies – Campus Creations:

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The rooftop ornaments for the Grade 3 classroom continue to challenge the Middle School students. Using predominantly natural materials along with some fasteners (nails and staples) we some of the forms are starting to show their shapes. As a class, we realized the challenge that curved objects posed to us. The original model of the question marks used curves, but was also built by a seasoned veteran builder over 3 days. It also used rattan, a material that while natural, also leaves a large environmental footprint on the forests of Indonesia.

The bedeg, a woven bamboo mat, has proven invaluable. However, attaching our pieces of bamboo to the outside to provide rigidity has been a much larger challenge. However, students have sought out alternatives to how to do this, and we are looking at many strategies to make our ornaments durable, natural, and interesting to look at.

Scuba Diving:


This past week we went into the ocean, and enjoyed some of the worst conditions you can imagine for Sanur Reef: strong currents, low visibility, and fairly choppy above water. However, most of our divers went down and did their first open water dive!

What’s On for Next week?

Firstly, the diving should be better as we are heading towards a neap tide. However, we may have missed the chance as I think we may be doing some more pool work. No worries though… there are still 3 weeks of dives ahead of us, with multiple dives on some days!

As with the roof ornaments… I had a chance to get some of the bamboo builders to come to the last class, and by the end they were able to provide some good ideas for future solutions. We may have some really cool ornaments to add to our roofs, and pave the way forward for Grade 5 to make their soon enough!


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