Noan – Wrap up of Architecture, Last week of Bambuat, and Penjor Making

So it has been a full on week! We have wrapped up our Architecture Jalan Jalan (much to the chagrin of many of the kids), have a clear path towards the end of the Green Building Elective, and I even got to participate in other activities (and have photos to prove it).

The Architecture Jalan Jalan is among my favorite classes, not because of the content, but because of how the students interact and work through these 4 hours. The traditional role of ‘teacher’ is thrown out the windowless bamboo classroom we inhabit, and the kids move forward on their own project of passion. All are at different levels, and help one another regularly. We ended on a spectacular note, with many students putting together a presentation of their houses.

Green Building essentially turned into working on our project, Bambuat. It was quite a task, but in the end we had a nice set which we would be able to share with many others. The sharing starts next week, as we go to Grade 4 and see if we can challenge them to build with these unique building blocks.

Finally, I got a chance to enjoy Penjor making, and really appreciated the culture and working with your hands. Merli did an amazing job at bringing in the supplies. The students each created their own tower of flowers, as customary in many Balinese ceremonies…

Hurray this week, and on to the last week of regular classes!


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