November 17 2016 Issue

As promised in last week’s Newsletter, a School Contact Directory is now available for your reference. Everything from who to contact for sport uniforms, to counsellors, the school nurse, after school activities, cashless card queries and much more is now conveniently located in a one-stop-shop on the Parents Page. CLICK HERE to ‘let your fingers do the walking’!

Where has the time gone? It’s hard to believe GS Green Generation is nearing the end of the three week journey. For some of us, it feels as if we’ve only just arrived. As eager as we are to return home to our families in Bali, we will be sad to leave behind Morocco and all of our experiences at Conference of the Parties 22 (COP22).

In the past week, we’ve attended three events concerning climate change: a GIN conference at the American School of Marrakech, a climate march sponsored by, and the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF). Each of these were wildly different in their approaches to discuss and inspire environmental action.

At the GIN conference, we were surrounded by youth and faculty members who were eager to listen to our experiences as student leaders. We bonded and connected with local Moroccan students who we realized were just as passionate as we are when it comes to brainstorming solutions and taking action against climate change. Joined by these students and our fellow Green School students from Earthbound, we marched through the streets of Morocco on Sunday chanting “People change, not climate change!” and attracted attention from media outlets and curious passersby. The climate march gave us the momentum we needed to continue spreading our message about educating for sustainability at the SIF.

At the SIF, we represented youth in a crowd of big businesses and multinational corporations. Although we first criticized the greenwashing present, we slowly came to realize that business did have a role in ecological innovations as more people invest in renewable energy. We also had the amazing opportunity to listen to Bertrand Piccard share his experience of flying around the world in a solar-powered plane.

In our last few days in Morocco, we will continue to participate in the Green Zone of the COP22 and blog about our experiences. Keep following GS Green Generation and Earthbound on social media, Tulisan, and!

U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S

*PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CALENDAR! Starting 2017, EVERY JUNE 1st will be a national holiday based on a recent Presidential decree.


MON NOV 21 8.30am | Jungle Run | Meet @ Freak Coffee 8.45am | Parent Education: Meaningful Monday Mornings | Upstairs Warung Last day to SHIFT!

TUE NOV 22 8.15am | Yoga: Intermediate Vinyasa with Pak Budi | Yoga Studio 8.45am | Bio Bus Tour | Meet at Freak Coffee 4pm | Gamelan | Music Room

WED NOV 23 7.15 + 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Parking Lot Soccer Field 10am-3pm | Parent Education: Community Pizza Oven Building | GS Student Village 3.30-4.30pm | KKC Gardening | KKC Community Garden

THU NOV 24 8.15am | Yoga: Beg/Int Hatha | Yoga Studio 9am-3pm | Parent Education: Community Pizza Oven Building | GS Student Village 4pm | Gamelan | Music Room

FRI NOV 25 7.15 + 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Parking Lot Soccer Field 8.15am | Meditation | Yoga Studio 8.30am | Touch Footy | Soccer Field 9am-3pm | Parent Education: Community Pizza Oven Building | GS Student Village 1.15pm | ‘Screenagers’ Film Screening | Sangkep 2.30-5pm | Farmers Market 3.30pm | Basketball

All upcoming events can also be viewed on:

  1. Green School Website: Go to Parents Page (Access code: AcademicYear2016_17) and click on GS Community Events Calendar

  2. Or, GS Parents Association FB Group

W H A T ‘ S   O N 

Green School’s Book Fair is November 24th – 25th 9am – 3pm. It is supported by Gramedia, Periplus and other Independent sellers. 10% of each book sale will be donated to Green School Library. It is open for the entire community.

Early Years and Primary classes will have 30 minutes each to visit the booth. Middle and High School classes can visit anytime depending on their lesson schedule. All students are allowed to visit the booth during snack and lunch time. Teachers who would like to buy books for resources need to talk to Ibu Ayu Rosita. Parents are also invited to come between 9am – 3pm.

When :      Thursday, November 24th – Friday, November 25th 2016, 9am to 4pm Where: Thursday – 2nd floor HOS (near the library) Friday – 9am to 1.30pm will be at the 2nd floor HOS (near the library). The booth will move near Sangkep at 2.30pm until 4pm (if it rains, it will be in HoS 1st floor). Vendor: Gramedia, Periplus, Kupubuku, & independent seller. Books Genre: Fiction and non-fiction Level: Early years to high school Payment: Cash & card (debit or credit) Price Range: 30k-300k Rupiahs

Students are hosting a licensed screening of the award winning movie, “Screenagers,” Friday the 25th at 1:15pm at Green School’s Sangkep.  Students will be selling donation based tickets (50k-150K) at the door to pay for the screening and then leading a discussion after this important and ground breaking film. Parents, educators, and teens are all invited to be a part of this discussion!

Screenagers probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including the director’s own, and depicts messy struggles, over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through surprising insights from authors and brain scientists, solutions emerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world. Watch the trailer!

Literacy and Numeracy: The Green School Way

The parent workshop series called The Green School Way has its second workshop about our curriculum and programmes on Wednesday, November 30th 8.30-9.30am at 2nd floor warung. It will focus on Literacy and Numeracy. Many members of the faculty who participate in building and delivering the many facets of this curriculum will come to introduce themselves, their work, and the vision and development of this programme.

At Student Village, we have been dreaming of a pizza oven for years! An oven is a story magnet. People rarely pass by an oven when something is baking without stopping to talk. They are one of the most popular backyard elements that people want to integrate into their social and garden space, to entertain or simply to enjoy cooking outdoors.

For three days we will be learning by doing. You’ll have the opportunity for a real hands-on activity where you will gain experience in how to design a pizza oven, make COB (a natural building technique that is a very simple, eco-friendly and affordable based on a mixture of clay, sand, straw and earth) and sculpt with it.

We will be joined by Green School Kul Kul connection kids, to give them the opportunity to learn this amazing technique! Net proceeds from donations will go to Kul Kul Connection. To make it possible; we need your help! In Bahasa Indonesia, we call this group communal help “Gotong-Royong,” so come and lend a hand!

TIME: Wednesday 10.00 am to 3:00 pm, Thursday and Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm We will provide: Refreshments & snacks BYO: water bottle, clothes worthy of sweat and dirt, hat/sun protection, sense of humor! Optional: Organic home-made lunch Rp150K (per day) Cost of all the incredible knowledge you will gain: Green School community members – BY DONATION Outside of GS community – RP 200.000 per day

Kul Kul Connection is thrilled to announce their next rice cycle course which is scheduled to start Saturday, November 26th. Inspired by John Hardy’s TED talk, this course is intended to allow students to not just learn about the rice cycle, but also to live the rice cycle.

This course offers a wide-range of experiences and benefits, including:

  1. Receive academic credit

  2. Learn about an organic rice planting method called SRI (System of Rice Intensification)

  3. Experience the rice cycle with a local master

  4. Increase knowledge about land ecology

  5. Enjoy learning in a beautiful location with the KKC squad and some local students

  6. Get tanned, muddy, and healthy

  7. Cook your own organic food at the end of cycle

  8. Be a leader of future organic farming

The course will entail 9 meetings, lasting about 4 months starting at the end of Nov 2016 to Mar 2017. Each meeting will be around 1.5 hours with a specific agenda. You just need to arrive on time in the morning and our Bio Bus takes us to the rice field. The schedules and specific activities of our previous rice planting are available below.

Time Estimation: November 2016 – March 2017 NO       ACTIVITIES                    DATE             TIME                  Location     1Seed and Soil Preparation Sat, Nov 268.00-9.30amRice Field 2Rice PlantingFri, Dec 98.00-9.30amRice Field 3Nutrient Management Fri, Dec 168.00-9.30amRice Field 4Pest Management Fri, Jan 138.00-9.30amRice Field 5Weed Management Fri, Jan 278.00-9.30amRice Field 6Nutrient Management (2)Fri, Feb 108.00-9.30amRice Field 7Pest Management (2)Fri, Feb 248.00-9.30amRice Field 8Biukukung

a ceremony for paddy’s pregnancy       TBD8.00-9.30amRice Field 9Harvesting Time March8.00-10.00amRice Field

Please contact Giyan Adnya Antari at to ask questions or express your interest.


Help Green School Star in a Full Length Doc

We’re so excited to be the star of a new documentary! Check out this preview of @GreenSchoolFilm and help share the Green School way of learning by supporting the director’s Kickstarter at

On Thursday, Nov 24th, Green School will be honored to host Mrs Sharon Dijksma, Minister for the Environment of the Netherlands. Her visit in Bali frames the Dutch government’s intention to better understand the waste management problems in Indonesia on a provincial level. By doing so, the Minister wants to hear the youth and especially Green School and local students. She wants to hear about successful or tentative initiatives. BBPB, BioBus, Kembali, and Kul Kul Connection initiatives will be presented to her.

3 panels of students will then be invited to respond to 3 questions:

1 )After COP 21 and 22 there is a worldwide objective of limiting global warming to well under 2 degrees. What are the 3 most urgent actions to be done worldwide in the coming year?

2)Bali Green School serves as a fantastic example: how can you scale our your projects so they can become business/social enterprise initiatives throughout Indonesia and the world?

3)Awareness in the whole of Indonesia amongst all layers of the population is a challenge: what can we do to ensure that all of Indonesia is aware of climate change issues by the end of 2018?

Mrs Sharon Dijksma’s visit can be an amazing opportunity for Green School families to open these questions at home with their children. Green School is always a place to learn, to share, to grow.

On Saturday, November 12th a group of keen GS Maths students (from Grade 5, Middle School, and High School) participated in the annual Bali Maths Competition held at BIS. Students participated in Individual, Team, and Code-Breaking rounds. All of the GS students competed admirably, spent time forming connections with students from other schools, and had a lot of fun in the process. This year, Amane Yoshimura (from Grade 7) won First Place in the Junior Division Individual Competition. Well done, Amane!!!

The school community would like to express its gratitude to Pak Jay, Pak Sal and Ibu Dian for supervising the event – in particular, Ibu Dian should be commended on her active involvement in organizing all of the Math Competitions that GS students participate in.

On October 16th, 2016, the Government of Badung Regency held a bike racing competition (BMX and MTB) for all schools (Primary to High School) around the Badung Regency.

Hazel (Grade 6A) represented Green School and won 1st place in the BMX Racing Competition (Primary age group) with 42 total participants. He received a trophy for first place!

In order to connect with the local community and as the mission to educate more people within the area, KemBali organized a trashwalk activity last Saturday. It involved Ibu Kepala Desa herself (the Head of the Village) and her people, the wife association of Sibang Kaja, a teacher, and around 35 students from SMP N 3 Abiansemal.

It started with an introduction of KemBali, teaching about the system and helping them identify the recyclable and unrecyclable waste. After that, we distributed our trashwalk ‘weapons’ and started to walk through the main road where we could see a lot of burn piles and trash piles sitting at the front face of Sibang Kaja area. We went to the waste station to see the condition so everyone was aware of the problem we face around waste. Back to Green School, we sorted the waste we had collected from the streets. Most of it was plastic, such as bags and teh gelas waste.

Our next plan is to have a waste management workshop and upcycling class. Collaborating with Bio Bus, we will host a soap making workshop in the schools in Sibang Kaja and all of the Banjar. Our next big project is a pick up service for the community using the bamboo electric bike. But first, we will provide separated waste bins within the local area. We will observe these bins to make sure each person in the village knows how it should be separated. We aim to make Sibang Kaja the cleanest village in Bali! It sure will not happen immediately, that is why we also try to serve the community with a sustainable education that we hope can be shared beyond and replicated to other schools in Bali.

A little reminder for everyone, please kindly drop and sort your recycle on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. Thank you very much!

F R O M  O U R  C O M M U N I T Y

Started on Monday 14th of November, the Science Film Festival already received more than 150 participants by integrating into KKC classes and Green School’s regular classes. The students were very enthusiastic to join the activities with Kak Bulan, Kak Junita and Kak Gilang. Volunteers from Jakarta’s Goethe Institut helped conduct the movie screening and the science experiments. So much fun learning about science! More photos at @Sciencefilmfest, and read about the festival.

On Friday, November 11th, at the Bio Bus Ribbon Cutting Ceremony we had a very beautiful performance of Kupu-Kupu Dance. It was performed by Gita, Mang Reni, Dinda, Vinky, and Devi. They are all students of Kul-Kul Connection who learned Balinese traditional dance since they were very young. Kul-kul Connection students are always encouraged to contribute to the Green School events and we are so grateful for sharing their art with us! 

*If your student is interested in learning this beautiful art, keep an eye on our calendar as Green School offers a balinese dance class during after school activities most terms!

Last Friday, Kindy had a special visit from TK Goval school located in Sibangkaja, an ongoing part of KKC program this year. Joining their fellow young students at 9am in a circle, they sang together “ Disini senang” song, then all of the students were asked to introduce themselves. Ibu Kiara read a story of “The Giving Tree“ followed with a fun game called “Pojok Warna” led by Ibu Kiara and Ibu Yulia. Afterwards, they had snack together in the classroom, then went to the playground. In the future, TK Goval and Kindy GS will have a Green Studies project together with Pak Brett, and let’s just say it will have something to do with worms ; )

Inspired to “be the change” from the documentary “Starfish Throwers” during our Block 1 Hunger Thematic, the grade 7 students have begun the creation of a garden. The 7th-grade thematics classes have teamed up with Kul Kul Connection Students to learn, create and cultivate their own edible garden with big plans for sharing with the community later this year.  A big shout out to Green Studies teachers Ibu Jacklyn, Ibu Ida and Pak Noan as well as Green School Garden geniuses Ibu Indra and Pak Bona who have played an integral role in getting this project off the ground.  Over the past three weeks, students have been working hard to plan and prepare the garden for planting. The students also crafted their own permaculture pot moulds and pots that will be home to various vegetable seedlings.

First off, we have nearly reached our goal of 500 signatures for our petition! Let’s keep spreading this petition to all your friends and family so we can finally bring awareness to the harmful effects of used cooking oil. We also collected up to 250 litres of used cooking oil this week. Well done Grease Police!

Today, we realised that hard work really does pay off. We took a moment to fully process the events that transpired last week, and truly understood just how historical that moment was for us, and the future of renewable energy in Indonesia. In case you missed it, last friday the Bio Bus team hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the opening of the FIRST EVER B(100) pump station in Indonesia! Our very own team member (and student of the Green School) Tessalonika Krisanti, delivered a speech on behalf of the Bio Bus team. This speech highlighted the problems we are tackling, and it addressed the government and everyone else who attended the ceremony.

The event was attended by important members of the government such as the Bupati of Badung Regency, a Parliament Representative from Jakarta and a Representative from the Department of Renewable Energy with the Ministry of Energy! We were so extremely honoured to be able to present and bring awareness of our project to such key members of our society, people who could really bring about change throughout the island, and even the country! We’re proud to say that Bapak I Nyoman Giri Prasta, the Regent of Badung, Bali has told us that the Bio Bus is “A great program from Green School students, which transforms used cooking oil into biodiesel for the green transportations in order to prevent the harmful effect of UCO disposal. We, the government, support this and will be ready to facilitate the program.”

This event was covered by a whole lot of media. Probably much more than we were expecting! Below are a few links to some of the articles that have been written about the ceremony itself, and what the Bio Bus have done so far.

Out of all this, we were especially amazed by the coverage that was provided by CNN of Indonesia! Yes! CNN made a whole news video about the Bio Bus, and our ceremony! Check out the video on youtube:

All this would not be real if we did not have our wonderful partnership with Lengis Hijau, so a big thank you to them and we are so so grateful for your constant support and trust in us!  Also for all our UCO vendors for continuing to exchange your oil with us.  And of course, the never-ending support from our community! Without the help of everyone that’s been involved, the future of renewable energy would not be as bright as it is today!

Remember to submit your bumper sticker ideas for our contest by Wednesday, the 23rd of November, and you could be the lucky winner of a bottle of soap, or a Bio Bus T-shirt, or even your bumper sticker being placed on the back of our bus! So give us your slickest sentences for a possible soapy surprise!  

Don’t forget, Be Bold, B(100)

P E   &   S P O R T S

BSSA volleyball games next Wednesday 23 November

Away: 9-10 mixed @ CCS (MFH court) – 2.30 start

13-15 boys @ SLK – 3.00pm start


11-12 boys vs SLK – 3.00pm

13-15 girls vs AIS – 3.30pm

BSSA Swimming

BSSA swim training is back on! Starting this Thursday 17 November, training will run each week at the Soka Tirta Pool on Jl. Raya Sibang Kaja. This training session is for Grade 4 and up only, and caters for a maximum of 10 students. We emphasise that this session is not for beginners, but for students who are already good swimmers who want to make a commitment to weekly training, and compete in the BSSA Swimming Gala in May 2017.

Students must bring appropriate swim wear, Rp10,000 entrance fee, towel and goggles. Meet at the bale next to the Green Warung at 3.00pm, and returning to school at 4.15pm. Please contact Pak Olly ( directly to confirm your interest, or students can drop by the 5B classroom and sign-up.

G R E E N  S C H O O L  P A R E N T S  A S S O C I A T I O N  

Roll Up Roll Up For The Marimba Trivia Night – GSPA’s Annual Adults Only Event –

When: Saturday 26th Nov @ 6pm Where: Sangkep Cost: 300,000 Rp (Groups of 10 – 5% discount) Includes: Dinner, Welcome Drink, Marimba, Trivia, Prizes, Dancing, Entertainment How: Tickets at Cashless Card Desk (School Entrance)

Next GSPA Meeting


Agenda: Green School Security Policy Q & A (with Pak Marcel & Pak Wayan) Tolak Reklamsi

Class Ambassadors Meeting Agenda: General Check-in + Strategies for supporting new families in Jan

If parents have an Agenda Item they would like to put forward please go to the GSPA Charter tab on the GS Website Parent’s Page, and click “Request an Agenda Item” Alternatively email

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