November 24 2016 Issue

The Fastest Bamboo in Bali – On Wheels!

We know bamboo is fast. The world record for the fastest growing plant goes to bamboo, which can grow up to 91 cm (35 in) per day! But earlier this month, we experimented with speeding up bamboo another way – with a Bamboo Bike Building Workshop led by the legendary bike builder Craig Calfee. Craig invented the modern bamboo bike as well as pioneered carbon fiber racing bikes.  With its bamboo resources and skilled workers, Indonesia had always been on his map, hence his stop here for an intensive in the bamboo Heart of School.

The event was sponsored and organized at Green School by Mark Donovan.  Mark is an entrepreneur who has been running a fashion knitwear business with his wife in Bali since the early ’90’s. Now he is launching a bamboo electric bike company. He worked with Visual and Practical Arts Teacher Pak Jason and students to create a Jalan Jalan program to build and convert electric bikes and build a bamboo trailer for Kimbali. The goal of the seven day intensive workshop was to to learn how to make beautiful functional bamboo bikes to promote clean and sustainable transport in Bali and beyond and to build a network of local trained builders.

During the week, we worked with the Jalan Jalan group for the intro and the last day of the course where they were able to test ride one of the finished bamboo BMX bikes. All together, the students had built a BMX mountain bike, a City-adventure bike, a cargo bike, an electric beam bike, and an electric tadpole trike. Leeland Gentry, a senior, learned about building a bamboo bike to take him to and from the treehouse he will build and live in on the Bambu Indah property.  Kai Young-Lee-Kai, an 8th grade student, hopes to apply the knowledge to his Quest project – to build a solar powered electric bike.

Pak Jason, along with Mark and colleague Putu,  are presently running the six week “electric bike building Jalan Jalan” experiential learning program at the school. It was great to see the heart of school transformed into a production space, always drawing in interested passerbys. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from entrepreneurial rock stars, Craig and Mark, and we owe a special thanks to them formaking this all come to life.  Keep a look out for the fastest bamboo in Bali!

U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S

*PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CALENDAR! Starting 2017, EVERY JUNE 1st will be a national holiday based on a recent Presidential decree.


ALL Day | TWIN DAY (dress up with a friend!) 7.15 + 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Parking Lot Soccer Field

8.15am | Meditation | Yoga Studio

8.30am | Touch Footy | Soccer Field

9am-3pm | Parent Education: Community Pizza Oven Building | GS Student Village

1.15pm | ‘Screenagers’ Film Screening | Sangkep

2.30-5pm | Farmers Market

3.30pm | Basketball


7.45am | Rice Cycle Course with KKC | GS Parking lot

6-10pm | Marimba Trivia Fundraiser | Sangkep


8.30am | Jungle Run | Meet @ Freak Coffee


8.15am | Yoga: Intermediate Vinyasa with Pak Budi | Yoga Studio 4pm | Gamelan | Music Room


7.15 + 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Parking Lot Soccer Field

8.30-10am | Parent Education: Literacy and Numeracy: The Green School Way | Upstairs Warung

3.30-4.30pm | KKC Gardening | KKC Community Garden


8.15am | Yoga: Beg/Int Hatha | Yoga Studio

8.45am-2.45pm | Bio Bus Tour: East Bali Cashew | Meet @ Freak Coffee

4pm | Gamelan | Music Room


7.15 + 8.30am | Wild Fitness | Parking Lot Soccer Field

8.15am | Meditation | Yoga Studio

8.30am | Touch Footy | Soccer Field

2.30pm | Assembly: Music Showcase | Sangkep

2-6pm | Japan Fest | Warung Area

3.30pm | Basketball

All upcoming events can also be viewed on:

  1. Green School Website: Go to Parents Page (Access code: AcademicYear2016_17) and click on GS Community Events Calendar

Or, GS Parents Association FB Group

W H A T ‘ S   O N

Ibu Leslie Medema Holds Workshop on Curriculum

The parent workshop series called The Green School Way has its second workshop on the curriculum and programmes on Wed, Nov 30 at 2nd fl. warung morning with a focus on Literacy and Numeracy. Many members of the faculty that participate in building and delivering the many facets of this curriculum will come to this workshop to introduce themselves, their work, and the vision and development of this programme.

Fun Fridays are Back – Twin Day Tomorrow!

On behalf of the High School Student Council, we’re excited to announce that we are rebooting Fun Fridays! These are school spirit days where everyone dresses up according to a certain theme to get house points. Teachers are also encouraged to get involved to get more points for their house!

We are planning to have a Fun Friday every other week until the end of the school year. We have timed them to coincide with the Farmer’s Market. *Kindly note – siblings who dress up as each other’s twins do not get points as we want students to be engaged with the community outside of their own family.

For questions, please email Melinda at

Japan Fest Next Friday

Mark your calendar for the “JapanFest”! Friday, December 2nd, 2-6pm, Japan will take over the Green School campus again with food and drinks (sushi, Japanese style fried / charcoal grilled chicken, shaved ice, green tea, sake, ume-syu), market with origami + original bamboo chopsticks, activities, tea ceremony, and Japanese games.

Last year’s “Eat Japan” event was a smashing success that raised 6 million RP to help a village affected by the fires in Kalimantan. GS Japanese community members are ambitious to break the record this year! The money will support Kalimantan as well as the marimba fundraiser. More information will be announced on Green School Parent’s Facebook.

Rice Cycle Course Starts This Saturday

This week, Kul Kul Connection begins their workshop series by covering the subjects of seed selection and paddy fields preparation. For those registered, don’t forget to bring your own water-bottle and meet us on Saturday, November 26 at 7.45 AM in GS Parking lot!

If you would like to register, please contact Ibu Giyan at to ask questions or express your interest.


Help Green School Share Your Stories

We’re so excited to be the star of a new documentary! Please consider supporting our friends producing the @GreenSchoolFilm and share the director’s Kickstarter with your friends at

Reserve the Bio Bus over Break!

Our commitment to clean transportation never stops. So, for those spending their break in this beautiful land over December, the BioBus will be available FOR YOU!

Bali is a magic place, and now you can have all your adventures on the cleanest bus on the island. From the last day of school until the first week of January, our buses are available. It can be used for family trips, overnight excursions, for pickup and drop off anywhere in Bali – as well as night services and airport transport service for groups.

During this period of time our timetable will be 100% flexible, that means we will adapt to all your requests. Capacity is 16 adults per bus. We currently have 3 buses available.

How to Book the Bio Bus for the break:

  1. Email with your request 24 hours before the service including…

– Contact person – Contact number – Destination (Link in google maps) – Itinerary / Timetable (Dates and pick up and drop off times) – Number of passengers

  1. Based on availability, you will get confirmation and the cost of the service as an attachment

  2. Finally, one of our drivers will contact you to set up details for the service

Our mission never stops, and to make a real difference, we will stay on the road to zero waste. A big thanks to you GS community!

Green School Hosts Gresik University

Last Saturday, Green School had the wonderful opportunity to host a Professional Development course for the University of Gresik (UNIGRES), an Indonesian university in East Java. A group of 60 people, including the Dean, lecturer and their family, came to learn about Green School Education System. This visit was conducted as a part of the MOU agreement that had been signed between Green School and University of Gresik. Ibu Ika was the keynote speaker presenting Planning Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning. There were also presentations about Green School Learning Neighborhoods from Ibu Suci and Ibu Dian. At the end of our session, we had a chance to show our beautiful campus. We are so grateful for these opportunities to share the Green School Way of Learning and to expand the Green School family beyond our campus.

Alumni Feature: Clover Hogan

It’s always hard to choose just one of our amazing alumni for our monthly feature, but this alumna’s passion and effort deserve recognition. She clearly represents a student who has made the most of her Green School experience, and continues to use it internationally, incorporating creativity and a dedication to the Earth into her work wherever she goes.

Year graduated: 2016

How many years were you at Green School: 4

What was your Green Stone title: The Greatest Threat Facing Humanity

What did you do immediately after graduating Green School?

I travelled through Yosemite National Park, somewhere I had dreamed of visiting as a little girl. It was wonderful to take downtime in such a spectacular environment, before landing in the fast-paced Silicon Valley to start my internship at Impossible Foods (this disruptor company is one of the most rapidly growing in the tech industry, and has set out to revolutionise the global food system by achieving what was once deemed impossible—making meat from plants (no compromise). Driven by a passion for communications, each day was dedicated to curating social media and managing consumer relations. Two months in, I started to design long-term youth initiatives. That has been a lot of fun. Working at a startup in its early stages can be a little intense, but I love the challenge.

What are you doing now — list jobs, school, extracurricular activities, hobbies, passions, etc?

I’m back in Bali to visit family and friends. The plan is to continue with Impossible Foods as an independent marketing consultant, which will give me the freedom to travel and focus on my personal journalistic endeavours. I am in my flow when filmmaking (behind or in front of the camera), so I’d like to focus more attention on nurturing that hobby.

How did Green School prepare you for your current life?  (You could focus on the experiences or projects you worked on here, the academics, a teacher, our social-emotional or community influence, or anything else or all of it.)

Green School imbued me with strong values while fostering my love for the environment and drive to protect it. That mission is what gets me out of bed on the gloomier days. And it was really special to learn from teachers who are so invested in their students; beyond pushing us to excel academically, our teachers encouraged us to question the status quo and our own beliefs. Many of my life’s most transformative moments were had with those mentors, be it lobbying in Taiwan, fighting for climate justice in Paris, or conversing in our wall-less classrooms.

What do you remember most fondly about your Green School experience?  

Aside from an eclectic group of friends, dedicated teachers, and a stunning learning environment, Green School represented endless opportunity. It sets students on the path to achieve their wackiest dreams. A couple of years back, I told my parents that I wished to head up the United Nations. They nodded encouragingly, not wanting to burst the bubble of their idealistic daughter. But just three days later, I was uttering those same words to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the UN, who happened to stop by GS to sign our MOU for education in Indonesia. There were many other weird yet wonderful moments like that one— collaborating with change-makers and claiming the international stage—which just wouldn’t happen at your average school. At any school.

Yesterday, Green School hosted a panel discussion on sustainability with the Dutch Minister of the Environment, Mrs. Sharon Dijksma and the Vice Governor of Bali, Bapak Dewa Sunerta. The purpose of the event was to hear the voice of our High School and Kul Kul Connection students, particularly to hear more on environmental initiatives with a focus on waste management.

The Dutch minister explained how Bali’s natural beauty, peacefulness and calmness is highly valued by the delegation of Netherlands, and how they are on a quest to find ways to sustain and better the environment – not just in Bali, but in many places affected by climate change. On a mission from the Prime Minister, she said her intent is “to cooperate with Indonesia on circular economy and waste management because the Netherlands is specialized in these areas.” As prior State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, Mrs. Dijksma was interested in how to spread Green School’s approach to education and student-led enterprises.

The event began with talks from student representatives of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Kul Kul Connection, Bio Bus, Kembali Recycling Facility, and GS Green Generation. The presentations were followed by round table discussions on three questions around the areas of sustainability. In closing, Mrs. Dijksma gave a motivating reflection on the discussion, “If we do not change our whole way of working and living within 5 years, we will not be able to live up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2015.” She left inspired by the student’s suggestions like eliminating our use of fossil fuels to changing animal husbandry. But she said she was most inspired by the students’ idealism, optimism and hope. As Bye Bye Plastic Bags’ Melati Wijsen said, “The youth are 25% of the population, but 100% of the future.”

F R O M  O U R  C O M M U N I T Y

The Beauty of Diversity in Green School

Diversity is an invaluable treasure. From our differences we can learn from each other. Strength lies not only in similarities but also in differences, just like the integration between Kul Kul Connection and Green School Classes in Gardening for MS students, and Indonesian Culture Lesson for primary students. They were together very happy and passionate about the activities in the class. Thanks to Ibu Pera, Ibu Kania, Ibu Neni, Ibu Ida, Ibu Giyan, and Ibu Kylie for making the connections happen!

We hope this integration program can teach different cultures, diversity, and tolerances to both Green School and Kul Kul Connection kids at an earlier age. “Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with, and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without.” – William Sloane Coffin Jr.

Bio Bus Update

Today marks the last day of Bio Bus Jalan Jalan of this year. The usual Grease Police officers collected up to 201 litres of used cooking oil in Ubud today, along with plenty of signatures. We add all these signatures to our petition which you can find online at Type in “Used Cooking Oil” and you should be able to sign your name to help us ensure a cleaner and more sustainable future for transportation and energy!

Besides this, Bio Bus has also started working with grade 1, Lengis Hijau and one of our founders Fabienne Koens, to diversify our glycerin use. We’re hoping to create batches of fertiliser out of our glycerin byproduct! It seems that in the future we could be looking at some slick fertilizer for the gardens at our school.

We also had a group of students develop our sponsorship deck, and our app with the generous help of our friends in Hubud! We’ve been in partnership with them, and are looking forward to what our joint efforts will bring.

Lastly, let’s not forget that we have a Bumper Sticker contest winner to announce this friday! We have chosen a few winners who will receive prizes such as a shirt, or soap or even a spot for their bumper sticker, on the bus. Also on friday is the Farmer’s Market! Come check out our stand to find out more about the Bio Bus, or maybe buy one of our cool t-shirts! Hope to see you all there!

P E   &   S P O R T S

Friday, December 9th House Volleyball Finals

SEE PE and Sport Blog for the Weekly Roundup!

G R E E N  S C H O O L  P A R E N T S  A S S O C I A T I O N

Roll Up Roll Up!! For The Marimba Trivia Night – GSPA’s Annual Adults Only Event!!!! Tickets still available at the front desk. If you would like to donate a raffle prize or gift at the silent auction please email

When       : Saturday 26th Nov @ 6pm Where      : Sangkep Cost          : 300,000 Rp (Groups of 10 – 5% discount) Includes   : Dinner, Welcome Drink, Marimba, Trivia, Prizes, Dancing, Entertainment How          : Tickets at Cashless Card Desk (School Entrance)



  1. Green School Security Policy Q & A (with Pak Marcel & Pak Wayan)

  2. Tolak Reklamasi

  3. Class Ambassadors Meeting

Agenda Items include:

  1. General Check-in

  2. Strategies for supporting new families in Jan

If parents have an Agenda Item they would like to put forward please go to the GSPA Charter tab on the GS Website Parent’s Page, and click “Request an Agenda Item” Alternatively email

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