November 3 2016 Issue

Reflection + Fearless Action = Magic

A handful of us sat down this week to write reference letters for a student who exemplifies Green School and our intentions. As I thought about the qualities in him that I wanted to highlight it occurred to me that the attributes I was describing were perfectly in line with our Learning and Living Ambitions, which serves as our community profile. I also emphasized this student’s ability to self-reflect, and more importantly to take focused action on the areas of his academic and personal life that were in the most need of improvement, making him a more well-rounded student and human being.

Also this week, we hosted members of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for an official visit to present our program and our school for accreditation by the organization. I was struck as the visiting officials stressed that they were impressed, not only with how deeply we’ve gone through a self-reflection during our strategic review, but with how courageous we have been to make needed changes to create a school we should be proud of.

It seems this may be one of the most important lessons that we can model and hope that our students take away from their time at Green School. We can’t always be perfect. We won’t always make the right decisions. We will sometimes put a lot of energy into something that just doesn’t work the way we had hoped. New information may prove we were wrong about something we had once been certain about. If we can reflect with honesty, and have the courage to make changes where needed, there is no stopping us. As we move into this year’s SHIFT program, perhaps this is a good reminder of the power that ‘taking time to pause and reflect’ combined with ‘fearless action’ can have in our lives.

Pak Glenn Chickering

U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S

FRI NOV 4 Wild Fitness | 7.15 & 8.30am | Parking Lot Soccer Field Meditation | 8.30am | Yoga Bale Raising Resilient Kids | 8.30am | Upstairs Warung Touch Footy | 8.30am | Soccer Field SHIFT: Communication and Relationships | 9.30am | Upstairs Warung SHIFT: The Journey of Me | 10.30am | Upstairs Warung Basketball | 3.30pm | Gym “Before The Flood” Film Screening | 3.30 – 5pm | Sangkep SHIFT: Women’s Womb Wisdom Circles | Noon | Upstairs Warung

MON NOV 7 Jungle Run | 8.30am | Meet @ Freak Coffee Parent Education: Meaningful Monday Mornings – “Monthlies” Film Screening + Discussion | 8:45am | Upstairs Warung See SHIFT Facebook for updated events!

TUE NOV 8 NO BIO BUS TOUR THIS WEEK Yoga: Intermediate Vinyasa with Pak Budi | 8.15am | Yoga Studio Gamelan | 4pm | Music Room

WED NOV 9 Wild Fitness | 7:15 & 8.30am | Parking Lot Soccer Field

THU NOV 10 Yoga: Beg/Int Hatha | 8.15am | Yoga Studio Parent Education: “Parenting for a Peaceful World” Lecture by Robin Grille + Intro by Robin Lim | 8.45am – 10.15am | Sangkep Parent Education: “Connecting with your Child” Workshop by Robin Grille | 10.30am – Noon | Sangkep Gamelan | 4pm | Music Room

FRI NOV 11 Wild Fitness | 7.15 & 8.30am | Parking Lot Soccer Field Meditation | 8.15am | Yoga Bale Touch Footy | 8.30am | Soccer Field Parent Education: “When Parents Were Children” Workshop by Robin Grille | 9 – 11am | Venue TBD Farmers Market | 2pm Energy and Marimba Assembly | 2.15pm | Sangkep Bio Bus Ribbon Cutting | 3.15pm | Parking Lot Biofuel Station Basketball | 3.30pm | Gym See SHIFT Facebook for updated events!

All upcoming events can also be viewed on: –Green School Website: Go to Parents Page (Access code: AcademicYear2016_17) and click on GS Community Events Calendar -Or, GS Parents Association FB Group


It takes 21 days to form and create a habit and this year, Green School parents are encouraging you to SHIFT and join their 21-day health and wellness challenge with a focus on one of these themes:

Nourish (eat whole foods, no alcohol, juice cleanse, no sugar, meat free), Move (30 minutes cardio, yoga daily, master a sport/activity, run/ride to school, decrease sitting time) Pause (meditation, breathe work, complaint free, kind words) Connect (happiness challenge, relationship, less technology)

What will you SHIFT? See the calendar of events and lectures to stay inspired at their Facebook Group.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the families who joined in on the freaky fun at this past Friday’s annual BambooPalooza! We are so grateful to all of the organizers and volunteers who put together the activities, workshops, vendors, music, games, contests, and costumes. We’re already looking forward to next year. …And a BIG thanks to parent, Ken Kochey, for these awesome shots!

W H A T ‘ S   O N

Bio Bus’ Biofuel Pump Station Ribbon Cutting Next Friday

The Bio Bus team has been busy making soap, designing bumper stickers, keeping social media updated, and running around collecting petitions in preparation for their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony next Friday, November 11th. Please join us in the parking lot after assembly to celebrate! Read on for some words from the Bio Bus Team:

“We had our usual group of students ride around on the Bio Bus collecting cooking oil from supportive restaurants, whilst looking for more potential restaurants to exchange liquid dirty gold with. This week we’ve managed to collect up 200 liters of used cooking oil! Big congrats to our grease police for all their hard work!

After long hours brainstorming, calculating, working, we’ve also taken an idea off the page and turned it into an action. Yes, I am talking about our first ever Biodiesel Pump station! It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. We will be having our official ribbon cutting/station opening ceremony next Friday, right after the Energy Assembly! This is not just the first biodiesel pump station in Bali, it is also the very first in Indonesia! How cool is that? We hope to see you all there, as this is a very huge and exciting thing for the future of clean energy, and transportation.

Last, but definitely not the least, we had three students present about our enterprise to one of the biggest hotel associations in Bali. We’re talking fancy, 5-star-kind-of-big. This is quite possibly one of the biggest opportunities we’ve ever had come to us, and if things go well, get ready to see more liquid gold than you even know what to do with.”   -The Bio Bus Team

For many years the sound of Marimba playing was like the pulsing heartbeat of Green School. With Ibu Jan’s daily practice ringing out across the School and regular Marimba Assemblies that ended in dance parties – this was a sound we came to associate with Green School.

And then one day it stopped. It was a quiet day, and while wonderful music continued at Green School we all missed “that sound.” So, last year the GSPA voted overwhelmingly to fundraise to buy Green School its own Marimba Set & reinstate Marimba classes back into the School.

The School agreed to loan the GSPA the funds so building could commence and Ibu Jan got to work. Fundraising began in earnest and already we have raised over half the funds needed. With approx $7,000 USD to go, we need all hands on deck to make this year’s event a huge success…and bring back the heartbeat of Green School! The Fundraiser Night will feature both professional & student Marimba bands led by Ibu Jan, our very own Marimba Guru, Quiz Master Pak Jade leading the Trivia and a special Guest MC keeping things moving! There will be auction prizes, dancing, food and wine… yes this promises to be a huge Green School (adults only) evening!

PS – If you’ve never heard the sounds of Marimba at a Green School Assembly then save the date for Friday, November 11th for GS Marimba Assembly! Then get ready for…

The Marimba Fundraiser Trivia Night: An extravaganza of facts, food, & fabulous entertainment “Let’s put the heartbeat of Green School back where it belongs”

Date: Saturday 26th November, 2016 Time: 6pm Dinner 7pm Showtime Place: Green School Cost: 300,000IDR per person (Includes Dinner & Welcome Drink) (Buy table of 10 and receive 5% discount) Tickets: At Cashless Card Desk (at School entrance)

With Quizmaster Pak Jade & International Guest Star MC, Fabulous Raffle & Silent Auction Prizes including: “Buy a Marimba Key”,  Live Auction & Crowd Rise, Cheating Sin Bin, Dance-Offs,  Trivia Awards, …Bring your brains, your bravado & your bucks!

F R O M  O U R  C O M M U N I T Y

A Warm Reminder from KemBali

Monday is always a busy day for KemBali. It is even more busy after the community holds an event like Halloween. So, we were quite overwhelmed when we found a lot of recycling and sampah mixed up in a large pile on Monday. So, we hope to offer a sustainable solution:

KemBali facility is a self-served recycling operation, but we are able to guide you through the sorting process as part of our educational efforts. PLEASE drop your recycling on weekdays 8.00 am – 3.00 pm only! It will help the environment and definitely will make the day for our staff easier. We appreciate very much all of the people that come to KemBali and sort, or teach the kids to sort.

Thank you, KemBali

After the lively buzz we had last week, some people are already preparing other festivities! We are proud to announce one of the next…we’re going to be part of a vast educational movement all across Indonesia, Science Film Festival 2016!

In partnership with Goethe Institute, Green School will be a venue partner and regional organizer in Bali, along with 25 other venues throughout the archipelago. Last year, the festival was a big success. Not only did it take place in 21 cities in Indonesia, but it also attracted more than 50,000 attendees!

The overall aim of the festival is to demonstrate that science can be communicated in an entertaining way. The main focus is screening non commercial documentary films that explain scientific things in a simple way, and could be integrated with other activities in connection with the festival ( e.g. exhibition, science demo, workshop, etc. )

The event will take place from November 9th to 25th throughout Indonesia and it will be held here at Green School from November 14th to 17th. Some screenings will be integrated into Green School classrooms along with Kul Kul Connection’s after school learning program.

On Thursday November 17th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm Green School will host the main festival with 2 hours of screenings, presentations, talks open to the Green School and greater community. So, keep an eye out for further updates and don’t hesitate to email Pak Yogi ( if you have any ideas and/or ways to collaborate.

Programming and full schedule to be announced soon.

Registration is NOW OPEN for the next course, March 6-12th. A diverse network of educators and sense of community is created through this fully immersive programme, in which participants stay overnight on the GS campus. For 6 nights, 7 days, attendees experience green living at its finest while sleeping in Green Camp’s Lodge – a 2-story breezy, bamboo dorm while sharing some of the most delicious food on the island, prepared by Green School’s amazing kitchen team.

The course will be led by Lead Teacher and Permaculture Expert Ian Lillington and Green School teachers who provide our participants with an enriching educational experience. Participants not only learn about the theory of Green School’s pedagogy, but also experience it in practice.

To learn more, visit

Yoga At Green Camp

Green Camp invites Green School parents to join not 1 but 3 FREE yoga classes (Pranayama and Ashtanga) with Summer Dien (an international yoga teacher of Pranayama and Ashtanga, trained with Paul Dallaghan). We are hosting these yoga classes at Green Camp field, (next to the yoga studio & mud pit) on November 14-16, 2016 14.00 – 15.15. After class drinks & refreshments will be served at Green Camp’s Wantilan.

Walk-in registrations to Green Camp office are welcome or you can email me directly to register. To read more on her yoga credentials and expertise, please visit her website:

Join a Bamboo Build and Design Course, organized by The Kul Kul Farm in collaboration with IBUKU, this Feb 17 -28, 2017. Experience first-hand the potential of bamboo, spend a couple of days modeling and building 1:1 structures with guidance from skilled local craftsman. There will be talks and discussions about the approach to sustainability by the Bamboo U team and guest bamboo experts from around the world. Participants will leave with an expanded, cutting-edge view of bamboo architecture. They will understand the life cycle of bamboo, from being a seedling to a home, and will gain key insights into the gifts and challenges of what it takes to build with bamboo. Register here:

P.E.  &   S P O R T S

Sports fans! Read on for details about our House Soccer Finals happening on Friday, November 4th and a reminder about BSSA Volleyball starting next week. Visit our blog, updated twice a week, to stay up to date on all things PE & sport at Green School!

House Soccer Finals Earth, Air, Fire and Water will go head-to-head once more for the House Soccer Championship trophy this Friday 4 November!

Everyone is requested to come dressed in their house colours, and bring noise-makers for cheering. Fun and creative costumes in house colours are highly encouraged!

BSSA Volleyball Sign-ups are open! To sign up, please email any member of the PE team with your child’s name and age. Cut-off date for sign-ups is the day of the first practice.

Volleyball practices begin Tuesday 8 November: Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm – 13-15 girls and boys Wednesday 3.30-4.30pm – 9-10 mixed Thursday 3.30-4.30pm – 11-12 girls and boys Friday 3.30-4.30pm – 15+ girls and boys

Due to the number of available coaches, we will be entering only one team per age group/gender. A maximum of 10 players will be on a team, so please be aware that trials may be held by coaches. We request a parent volunteer to coach a second team if there are any remaining players.

G S P A  M O N T H L Y  M E E T I N G


If parents have an agenda item they would like to put forward please go to the GSPA Charter tab on the GS Website Parent’s Page, and click “Request an Agenda Item.” Alternatively, email

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