Nyepi Celebration for Friday, March 25


This coming Friday 24th of March is a momentous day of celebration at Green School.  It has been a long-standing Green School tradition that we respectfully acknowledge this special time of year on the Balinese calendar, by participating in a community version of the annual Ogoh-Ogoh parade. Students have been collaborating, designing,  recycling, repurposing and creating their unique Ogoh-Ogohs and are looking forward to welcoming you on Friday for the grand parade.

Special Note: School start as normal at 8.15am with an early dismissal at 12pm after our annual Ogoh-Ogoh parade.

The agenda of the day:

8.15 – 9.15am: Student arrive and go to classrooms for mindfulness, community, and Ogoh-Ogoh day parade preparations

9.15 – 9.30am: Snack and move to Sangkep for assembly

9. 30 – 9.45 am : Assembly at Sangkep and Ogoh-Ogoh Awards Ceremony

9.45 –  10.45am: Ogoh-Ogoh dance performances in the gym and on the field

10.45 – 11.30 am : Ogoh-ogoh Parade.  Grade 3 and up will parade around the main streets of Sibang Kaja.  Early Years through grade 2 will parade around the Green School field.

11.30-12.00pm: Back to classrooms for a rest and goodbyes before break

12.00pm: Early Dismissal via normal dismissal procedures.  Traditional lunch will not be available at school, but please feel free to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the festive feeling on campus.


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