Nyepi day is coming…Chuuuuuuuuttt!

Dear families,

We hope you are all feeling well and are managing to stay healthy and rested.

We started our week by having a deep conversation about our Class Agreements and the “IRESPECT” values. We talked about the different roles of teachers, classroom assistants and students and about how we can all support each other. It was very interesting to listen to the children’s perspectives and to hear them reflect on these important topics.  We discussed how the children see themselves in the class and what their roles are in our class communities? We then talked through and wrote a list of behaviors we want to try to adopt with teachers and friends. It was so great to see them developing their sense of responsibility and showing understanding of how we all work together.  Their positive attitude and approach were fantastic. 

Next week it’s our Nyepi and Ogoh- Ogoh celebration (see the note below).  In that regard, on Wednesday this week, we went to see a finished Ogoh-Ogoh statue in Banjar Sangeh and we learnt more about the history and tradition of this celebration.  It was fantastic! Back at Green School, our Ogoh-Ogoh creations are getting ready and it has been brilliant seeing them taking shape.  The children have worked so hard! We just have some more details to finish and then; let’s get ready to celebrate as a community. Following the Ogoh-Ogoh, we are looking towards an amazing experience as you may have never had before: a day of SILENCE. Have you ever done that before? Where are you going to be and how are you going to live that experience ?

In numeracy, we are still focusing on fractions and division. Building on skills previously learned, students were challenged with division problems mixed with multiplication and they worked very hard to understand how to use their times table to solve division problems. They have so many different interesting strategies to solve these kind of problems!  It has been a great example of creative thinking. This week we have also started exploring the theme of tessellation.  This is always a really popular and fun area of maths and allows for so much imagination, problem solving and collaboration!  We can’t wait to begin creating giant puzzles!

In our reading comprehension sessions this week, we have been working on summarising what we have read. It’s great to see everyone sharing about their books and working hard to write their own summary.  This is a tricky skill to master and the students have been making great progress.

We wish you all a wonderful Ogoh-Ogoh celebration and a really nice and silent Nyepi day. 

Have a good weekend.

Grade 4 Team

– Remember:  – March 5 is our Nyepi and Ogoh-Ogoh celebration day at   Greenschool.

– March 6,7,8 are the Nyepi break. NO SCHOOL


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