Online Communication Guidelines For GS Community Forums

Green School Online community forums are a great way for parents to connect, share, discuss and garner support on issues relating to life at Green School, education, parenting and life in Bali. It is important to remember that social tools including Facebook and WhatsApp are not official communication channels for teachers or staff. While posts made directly to teachers and staff through these channels will not be ignored, it may not be the most timely method for getting a response and should not be expected. If you are unsure of who to speak with directly about a specific issue, please contact GSPA for help at

Below are some guidelines to keep in mind as you post freely within these social channels.

Be Thoughtful: Please remember how we comment and speak to fellow members of our community. As a general rule of thumb please make sure your message follows three criteria:

1) Is it true?,

2) Is it helpful? and

3) Is it kind?

Be Productive: Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and this should be respected. Navigate personal differences of opinion directly, not in public forums. Isolating members of the community not only separates, rather than brings together, but is generally the least efficient way to get things done.

Be a Problem Solver: Ranting never solves a problem. If you feel angry while writing something, take a break and come back to it later. Figure out a way to frame your issue in way to encourage the community to come together to figure out a solution rather than just getting people worked up.

Be Vocal: If you feel a member of the community is not being courteous, reach out to them directly and privately to offer some input as to how they might rephrase their post. Ask that they refer to the community guidelines to ensure they are being a good online citizen.

Be IRESPECT-ful: Above all, follow the IRESPECT principles as they apply to the entire Green School Community online and offline.

o Integrity – being honest and ethical with thoughts and actions.

o Responsibility – being accountable for thoughts, actions and deeds.

o Empathy – understanding and caring for the feelings of others.

o Sustainability – ensuring that your own body and surroundings are cared for so they are clean and healthy for as long as possible.

o Peace – contributing to a state of harmony.

o Equality – respecting everyone as an equal and as an individual.

o Community – being part of a group seeking common goals and taking care of each other.

o Trust – building and maintaining strong relationships with each other, the school and the environment.

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