Our Magical Days in Geckos

Dear Parents and Friends,

Our first two days at school filled with lots of smiles. Sometimes we saw tears but it always ended up with happy smiles. We are so thrilled to see everybody in our Geckos family.

Here are some snapshots from the last two days of our fun time in Geckos:

Our Morning Circle looks like this:

We played “Freeze Dance” Game

“Freeze Dance” is when the music is played we have to dance, when the music stops we freeze like a statue.

The children feel comfortable playing inside the classroom as well as making connections with friends through playing.

We were visited by special friends, Pak Aris and Ibu Jamie and taught us a “Good Morning£” song. They will teach us music, play musical instruments and sing songs once a week. We are so excited and looking forward to it.

Today, the children created a crown art and craft. Each of them made a colourful crown and happily wearing it.

We also celebrated birthday party this week. Happy Birthday Willow and Parker!

Hip hip hooray!!

Here are announcements for next week:

  1. On Tuesday, August 13th at 3:30 pm, we are having a “Meet the Team”. The Early Years teachers will all gather in the upper Starlings classroom which is located above the Pre-K Starlings/Geckos classrooms. We will present a brief overview of our Early Years world and then split up into the respective grades where the teaching teams will introduce themselves and have some icebreaker activities so that the parents can mingle. We understand it is a busy time and the children (including my daughter) might be exhausted after school. If you are unable to attend, there will be more chances to socialize. We will be having a Potluck Breakfast party in a few weeks.

  2. A welcoming/blessing ceremony called Mapinton will be held on Thursday, August 15th, in the morning. If your child has Balinese traditional ceremony clothes (sarong, sash, etc.), please pack them or they can come to school wearing them already.

  3. Green School will celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day on Friday, August 16th. Please wear red and/or white if you can.

We hope you have a great weekend.

Looking forward to seeing each of you on Monday.

Best wishes,

The Geckos


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