Our Tribe, Our Education Programmes, and Our Strategic Plan

Have you ever had a day where you simply feel as if you are exactly where you should be in your life? You are in the right place, at the right time and you have found your ‘tribe’. This is how I feel as I arrive at Green School every morning and stand in awe, at the front gate, and watch as our community arrives for the day and our beautiful campus comes to life.

As each day passes, and I embrace the role of Head of Academics (or perhaps better described as Learning), a tremendous feeling of honor and responsibility washes over me. We are all life long learners. I am here to lead, to serve and to learn. In this role I find myself seeking the answer to many questions: What is green? How do we be our best? Where can we improve? What are the names of all these children? Most importantly, I ask, where do I start toward Making Our World Sustainable!

That last question is actually pretty easy to answer – with this dedicated, passionate community. The past two Mondays, in partnership with the GSPA, there was a great exchange of information about our areas for growth and partnership as well as celebrating the return of marimba, our helping hands programme, and the reality that our students have entered great universities around the world and are thriving there. To me, this is exactly what “green” means. It represents our commitment together to nurturing our growing students in body, mind and spirit. We create learning environments that touch the real-world as often as possible to inspire action, allowing all community members to flourish so that they too can create the healthy relationships with themselves, their society and their environment (Tri Hita Karana) which lead to a life of purpose. And it starts with ourselves and moves outward. I couldn’t imagine living a more purposeful life than I am right now with these creative children; these dedicated teachers, staff and Board members; and this passionate and ideas-driven community.

In my new role, I get to see and work on everything from the small details of our operations, to the creative curriculum coordination and documentation programme that we have launched led by Ibu Libby, Pak Glenn and Pak Roman, to our strategic vision and planning process.

Our strategic journey, which we started in March 2015, has been an integral part in the improvements we have already made to our programmes and processes. Here are some highlights from those improvements and the priorities and planning process ahead.

  1. The Strategic Review was completed in June 2015 with broad engagement from our parent community and a comprehensive set of recommendations were proffered to help the School continue to thrive.

  2. We have started to implement the urgent and important recommendations already, such as the Health, Safety and Security programmes, as well as the update to our internal and external communications team with a focus on serving our parent community better.

  3. During the school holiday, we completed a comprehensive hiring, on-boarding, and training programme for all teachers; finalized our Community Code of Conduct and other important policies; enhanced our local community programme, the Kul Kul Connection, and moved it toward the center of our community projects; took action on both internal and external funding plans; reviewed and finalized our organizational structure; and integrated the Bio Bus, gardening, and mindfulness more fully into our curricula and daily timetables.

  4. As part of our Strategic Review, a large cross-stakeholder group of us also uncovered the purpose of the School of “making our world sustainable”. This has wide-ranging implications for the School. We are now working our purpose into our academic and community programmes.

During our first Board Meeting of this academic year, the Board of Directors of Green School approved the next part of our strategic journey, which is about completing our principles-based curriculum development, especially in Primary School, defining School Goals for 2018 and developing our Strategic Plan to achieve them. I am pleased to announce that we have appointed Barna Barath as Head of Strategy for Green School. Pak Barna’s job is to keep us on our strategic journey, based on the successful review he, together with Ibu Kinchem Hegedus, led last School year.

We will be reaching out to the community in the next few weeks for expertise and involvement in developing a host of topics, including communication, governance, sustainability, fundraising, technology, and facilities.

Please check the Strategic Plan Website to stay updated on our strategic programme.

Thank you for being here, for supporting our vision and purpose, and your enthusiasm for this community.

Ibu Leslie Head of Academics


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