Outlook for the Next Semester

As we close this first semester of academic year 2015-2016, the Heads of School would like to take a bit of newsletter space to celebrate the programme enhancements that our faculty have implemented this past semester and give you a taste of what is coming in semester two.

As a community of learners, we must always work to improve our programmes within each Learning Neighborhood and across the school.  A focus next semester will be to bring our best programmes across the school, which brings the student body closer together in their educational experience.  Here are some examples:

  1. To improve our Bahasa Indonesia language lessons in the proficiency frame our Indonesian teachers have been meeting weekly to both simplify and enhance the overall the programme across the school in order to allow for better differentiation in future.

  2. In our experiential frame, the Jalan Jalan (go traveling) programme has been implemented from Primary through to High School.  Next semester Early Years will launch this programme as well.  This time allows for concentrated time to work on projects, explore, and go in depth on subject areas that don’t easily fit into a more traditional timetable.

  3. To improve upon our thematic frame, we have adopted a working draft of core skills and competencies that we use across the school. These skills and competencies have been in development for four years in the High School with the Community Profile providing the final touches this past semester through the dedicated work of the Curriculum and Pedagogy Committee.  Next semester, we will use these skills and competencies to map our entire thematic programme across the school, highlighting development of students’ skills and understanding continuously through her or his time at Green School.

  4. From the Garden to the Table programme will utilize the old Primary art space in the Heart of School to combine Green Studies with Science and Health and Wellness elements to provide our students with an understanding of the entire cycle of food growth and consumption and its impact on the environment and our own bodies.

  5. Finally, we are beginning a process to develop and formalize milestone experiences across the school.  In High School, each grade 12 student completes a Green Stone Project; in grade 8, each student engages in a Quest Project; and in Kindergarten students experience a beautiful ceremony that combines their graduation and Balinese traditions as they move on toward Primary.  We are developing the milestone ideas for grade 5 as well to mark those students’ transition into Middle School.

I take this opportunity to say a special thank you the parents and our incredible operations staff for your commitment and support of our education, learning environment, and community.  We have had a happy and productive first semester filled with learning and fun.   It has been an honour working here with your support.  Have a restful and happy holiday break.

–Ibu Leslie, Head of Academics

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