Pak Noan – The week past and week ahead

So, let’s get cracking with an overview of what has been happening in my courses:

Thematic – Utopia-Dystopia Role Playing Unit

In the second week we really got to see the students start their business ventures and grasp the complexities of the role play. In designing this unit, we tried as much as possible to simulate actions that occur in real life. Want to build? Get a building permit. Care to be an artist? You need to find benefactors or write grant proposals. This week we continue, exploring deeper the genre of Science Fiction through the daily scenarios. As an example, today we will explore the concept of luddites through the story of Dune by Frank Herbert.

Art Elective – Population Growth and Sustainability:

The game rules are becoming more concrete as the students prototype the game as it currently exists. Some students are working more on the art side, creating nice pictures that will be used as our playing cards in the final game, while others are exploring the mechanics of the game and how we can tweak this. Already, I have had some incredible conversations about the relationships between population and sustainability.

Jalan Jalan – Frisbee

We have played one day, understanding the basics of the rules, and are inviting local students to our school this week. In the coming week, we will be going to Denpasar to teach some locals there, all culminating in an event we play on hosting at Green School on the 24th of February. The students are in the process of getting all this set up in the class.

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