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As Term One draws to a close, it’s hard to fathom where the time has gone. It only seems like yesterday that we were greeting the new and returning families in August – and now we are half way through October. Yet so much has happened.

This week in my Mathematics classes – with the two Maths Extension classes currently doing a High School Maths unit designed by Pak Kyle (and taught by myself two years in the HS) called ‘Cartesian Clubbin’ – we have looked at the processes involved in determining x- & y-intercepts, and calculating the slope (or gradient) of a line from two coordinates. Friday is usually ‘Game Day’ – but many of the students are taking the opportunity for more one-on-one time to clarify new concepts and skills. The Google Classroom for this class is up and running. Parents are invited to view this amazing resource through their student’s gmail account. The resources thus far in this online classroom include the Course Statement and Unit Plan, textbook resources for the unit, and some daily announcements, skill-specific resources, and homework activities.

In my Thematic this week with the 7B students, we started our Block Two unit based on the Sustainable Development Goal  3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. In this 3-week Science component of the Thematic, students will cover these main concepts: designing and implementing a scientific experiment, the cardiac system, the respiratory system, the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System, Nerves, Skeletal Muscles. We will also be introducing the SHIFT Program and designing a scientific study on the physiological effects of setting and maintaining a SHIFT Move Goal. We were extremely fortunate to have Dr Caril Axford come into the classroom on Tuesday. Dr Carli (mother of Grade 6 Jackson) gave an informative presentation on the SHIFT Program – and then for the second part of the lesson, she helped the 7B students take assessments of their health based on head-rotation and body-alignment factors. Not only is Dr Carli a wealth of information, she’s fun and passionate, and she’s an active part of our learning community. The MS thanks her so much (already – we’ve only just begun) for helping out in our class. Below are some photos from the lesson with Dr Carli.

Have a great one-week holiday – see you in Term 2!

Kind regards

Pak Sal

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