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Hi Team

The MS has been a fun place to be over the past 2 weeks. Students have chosen their Electives (Physical, Arts, Jalan-Jalan) and we are well into our Proficiency (Literacy and Maths) and Thematics units.

In my MS Maths Number Skills class, we have concentrating on building a solid ‘tool-box’ of number skills. Some of the skills we have covered so far include: the four operations, rounding numbers to calculate approximations, correct use of different mathematical signs. This is a small class – and I’m having a fun time helping students one-on-one to master the basic mathematical skills everyone uses (every day).

In my MS Extension class we are completing a HS Maths unit – it is a Financial Maths unit that I taught in the HS system two years ago. Some of the topics/skills we have been looking at approximating, percentage calculations, interest, credit cards, fundraising, and budgeting. On Friday we had the amazing opportunity to have Pak Steve Rubin in our class to give a talk about Banking. Steve is a parent of Grade 6 Zack and we all enjoyed (and learned a lot) from his presentation. Thanks, Steve!!!

In my Grade 7 Thematic, Hunger and Nutrition, students have been learning and communicating information about the following topics: global hunger and sustainability links, human nutritional requirements, the human digestive system, DNA/genes and GMO Foods. One of the activities students completed this week was the Human Digestive System Model – here is a photo of Lucas’s excellent effort:

We will conclude the Science component of this thematic next week with an informal debate about GMO Foods. On Friday, students researched the possible negative effects of GMO Foods. These students were very strongly against GMO:

All my classes (resources, announcements, assignments, course statements) are available on Google Classroom. I encourage you to log on with your children (through their email) and take a closer look at the units they are completing with me.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Pak Sal

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