Pak Sal’s Week

Hi Team

This week was another amazing week, punctuated by the huge afternoon of Bamboopalooza fun!

In Literacy, my Children’s Book group spent time writing their Author’s Biography and Synopsis – they also sent their first submission to my hypothetical publisher, Pak Sal Publishers. In addition, these students have been looking at sentence structure, grammar and punctuation whilst completing creative writing exercises.

This week, Pak Jesse Driver and I have team-taught the Grade 8 students in the mini-Thematic on Peace. We spent a lesson defining ‘Peace’, personally and through a Sustainability Compass lens. We spent the next three lessons looking at what Peace isn’t – in particular, the barriers to World Peace. A video that created much discussion was about how ISIS was created (you may want to watch it – Origin of Isis).

In Maths this week, we started looking at Rates – in particular, Speed = Distance/Time. This is an excellent application topic that provides students an opportunity to practice number skills whilst calculating a very everyday rate. We also spent one lesson designing a recipe for healthy-snack Bliss Balls; where students looked at nutrient percentages and cost per recipe when deciding on the ingredients of their snack. On Friday, we spent a lesson in the kitchen (well, we were actually in the Science lab), making their snacks. As you can see from the photos below, we had a lot of fun.

Of course, hanging out in the classroom is heaps of fun. But then along came Bamboopalooza. Yeah! What a fantastic event. What I really enjoyed most was the number of MS students who had their own booth/stall – these students are so creative and motivated. Here’s a couple of photos from the wide variety of options provided by the MS students:

Have a great weekend!


Pak Sal


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