Pak Sal’s Week

Hi Team

This week in Mathematics, we continued our Ratio-Rates unit. Students have developed excellent problem solving skills over the semester and it is fantastic to see students utilise a variety of number skills to solve real-life problems.

In Literacy, the majority of the Children’s Books have been completed. Students have been able to read their books to the Grade 1 students – additionally, a group of adults (from the Green Educators course) were shown the books. In both cases, my students obtained valuable feedback. Below are some images from the MS students reading to the Grade 1 students.

In Jalan-Jalan Gro-Pro, we had our second last day of filming. Some students accompanied other Jalan-Jalan groups to get footage of our other experiential learning activities.

We had a huge week in the Medieval Thematic classes. Every spare minute was spent completing learning activities, decorating the Banquet rooms, and setting up the space. I was able to hang out with a variety of students throughout the week and it was a pleasure to ‘work alongside’ all of them. Thursday’s Banquet was amazing; excellent displays, games to play, music and singing, spoken word, excellent food, and students, parents and teachers celebrating a rich learning journey together. Below are two photos of students in costume at the Banquet.

Next week I am really excited about the Peace Thematic that Pak Driver and I are teaching to the Grade 8 group.

I would like to publicly thank Ibu Audrey Shabbas for her limitless passion and never-ending support that enabled the MS teachers to deliver the Medieval Banquet Thematic. You are truly amazing – and we are so fortunate having you in our learning community.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Pak Sal


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