Paris; A meaningful experiences for GS Students | #COP21

We just had a wonderful visit from John Hardy last night here in Paris! It was very meaningful for the students that he came and they had some time to share with each other. The students told him what an overwhelming experience this has been and asked him for advice about dealing with all of the press they are getting. They have been in hours of press conferences and will be featured on the Radio, TV, and print all around the world. He gave them some pointers and asked them to be meticulous about collecting the contact information of the reporters.

Students and teachers are blogging daily on our High School blog, Tulisan. Here is a link to my recent post and from there you can explore around:

I am writing this from Marymount school in Paris where we are presenting at the miniCOP. I met the head of school today and told her about our Green Educator Course, as she is interested in bringing more education for sustainability into their school. She asked if I would consider coming back to deliver PD to their school. Haha (I said yes).

Just thought you might like an update. Day one has already been incredibly inspiring. Please remember to follow the kids on facebook at GS Green Generation. Thank you for all of the continued support.

Ibu Sarita Pockell

Art Teachers


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