• Kris Laroche

Pelan pelan...

Dearest Primary Parents,

What a day yesterday was! We KNOW that many of you experienced issues getting into classes as we switch over to using passwords for Zoom. It was a comedy of errors that wasn't so funny. May tomorrow bring a smoother ride!

IMPORTANT: As part of this security upgrade we need to insist that you do not share any information of zoom links / codes or passwords with anyone outside of Green School (Bali). Thank you. Please ensure your children (if they are old enough) are aware of this. PASSWORDS CANNOT BE SHARED HERE

I have sent another email with passwords. Please save this email for future use. We cannot share passwords in the same place as zoom links.


We are behind on updates and also making some critical improvements so its clearer and easier for you to get everything you need from the website. For the next couple of days, you may need to rely emails from teachers to access zoom links and learning (required and optional) as we streamline website. Thanks for your patience.


9am Tuesday

Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/331735684?pwd=TEtqNzRVOUtMc3d4QzdRcDQ3UStuQT09

Meeting ID: 331 735 684

Password: 025540 (We feel it's safe to share this together for adult meetings)


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