Performing Arts with Ibu Penélope

Greetings Parents!

I hope you are as excited as I am to begin this new year at Green School. I am thrilled to join the Performing Arts team with Pak Shawn, Ibu Prenny and Pak Muri.

I am originally from Colombia and lived in Montana, USA with my husband, Pak Jason Gutzmer who teaches MS and HS Visual and Practical Arts and our daughter Aluna, starting in 4A.

Inspiring people to take care of our Planet through the Arts has been a passion of mine since 1998. This passion led me to travel and work through the Americas creating visual and performance art with diverse communities, ranging from indigenous people to formal private schools students, making street and school wide theatre productions, dance and musical performances, art installations, all driven by the dream of a sustainable society that protects our Planet and our rich cultural diversity. I have also worked in Ecovillage design and implementation, Permaculture, Consensus Decision Making, Facilitation

I love Afro based dance and music, indigenous performative traditions, myths and legends and most of all, I am passionate about creating new stories with youth that support their self-empowerment, their ability to work in community and their joyful involvement in life as “Guardians of the Earth”.

My focus will be on Primary and Middle School Drama and Dance.

This last week all students engaged in Drama and Movement activities aimed to get to know each other, develop classroom routines and establish our Behavior Agreements. My main focus for this block is to create our community of performers as well as teaching a Roots of Zumba class for MS.

I look forward to meeting all of you,

In Joy,



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