Permaculture Updates | Let’s grow your own food!

What a joy to be able to see, connect and learn with Pak Shannon creating a Permaculture garden with the help of our lovely gardener, Ibu Indra happening every Wednesday started from 3.30 PM – 4.30 PM at our garden around our Heart of School.

Using the Principles of Permaculture, we are building the soil in the surrounding gardens and producing organic, nutrient-dense vegetables that will also be used for school lunches. All participants always come and ready with their clothing and footwear to get dirty or muddy and prepared to get their hands dirty, connect with the earth and think in systems. This week we are planting Tomato seedlings and also some Chilli’s and Eggplant and excited to see it grows till the harvesting time. We invite our community to join and feel the excitement of this activity and then to grow your own food at home!

If you have any question or request related to ASAs Program please contact

Matur Suksema,

Ibu Darwi, School Secretary & ASA Coordinator


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