Physical Course Offerings 29 February > 21 April

 Physical Electives

  1. Green Studies – Jungle Run – Pak Noan – Explore the paths in and around campus while combining a workout with an ecology discovery lesson.

  2. American Football -Ibu Audrey. Flag American football is fun, fast and played all over the world. In this course, you will learn basic rules, physical skills and strategy of the 5v5 game. You will develop your communication and collaboration through teamwork. Playing games will help you develop grit and (split-second) decision making. Through understanding offensive and defensive strategy, you will develop your systems thinking. Overall, you will gain new skills of a new game and hopefully have a lot of fun!

  3. Basketball – Pak Bambang. With the BSSA season still in session – there is plenty of room for more practice and skills building.

  4. Boot Camp Cross Fitness – Ibu Kim. Back by popular demand. Improver strength, endurance, and agility in this intense workout.

  5. Tepak Sakraw – Ibu Ida – Sepak takraw is a popular sport in South East Asia. Sepak Takraw evolved from a game similar to footbag / hacky sack. It is almost the same as volleyball but you use a woven rattan ball instead and you can only use your feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball.

  6. Dance! – Ibu Sophie. Learn the art of body movement and expression while getting in shape.


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