Planned School Governance, Processes and Organisation Review

Green School is undertaking a school wide governance structure, processes and decision matrix review throughout to better enhance our mission of making our world sustainable.

A finding from last year’s strategic review of Green School was the need for an independent and transparent review of our school governance structure, processes and practices. The reasons being to help identify and continuously learn to improve the way Green School  operates, makes decisions,  and communicates within the community. Good structures and processes underpins effective organisations.

The school Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of the cross-stakeholder Strategic Plan Committee, and in consultation with the Trustees, has appointed Prof. Dr. Rolf Gollob from the Zurich University of Teacher Education in Switzerland to conduct an independent and transparent review of governance at Green School.

Prof. Dr. Gollob is considered as one of the leading experts in Europe on schools and governance in an international context. (See below to find out more about Prof Dr. Gollobthe). He was approached to do this governance review and kindly offered his work pro bono (free of charge). Green School will be funding his flight and accommodation.  Green School is  highly appreciative of  his contribution and willingness to provide his expertise and knowledge to our school.

The coordination  of the governance review process has been delegated to an  independent task force consisting of parents, teacher, one board member and members of staff. This will be led by Walker Zabriskie, a long time parent. The Task force will report to the Strategic Plan Committee and is currently  planning opportunities for  input  from the community.

Work has already commenced and Prof. Dr. Gollob will be coming on the campus from the 21st of March until the 24th of March to observe and participate in classes, workgroups and committees. This will also include interviews with members of faculty, teachers, board members, students and parents. Prof. Gollob will stay one additional week for further individual meetings and reflection,  which will then be shared with the strategic plan committee – a cross-stakeholder working group.  He will then prepare a report on his insights, findings and recommendations, which he will hand over to the Task force.

The  Strategic Plang Committee, Board of Directors and the Trustees are looking forward to this important review. In the meantime if you have any questions relating to the review process, please contact Walker Zabriskie or Christian Kruse.

About Prof .Dr.  Gollob

Originally a primary teacher in Switzerland and Ethnologist from the University of Zurich, he has been an  expert for the Council of Europe since 1996 for governance review, teacher- and trainer-trainings, curriculum support, writing  mostly in education for democratic citizenship, human rights and children’s rights education, general didactics and project evaluations. Since 2008 he has been the official National Coordinator for Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights for the Council of Europe. He is the founder of the research institute IPE (Institute for Projects in Education) at the Zurich University of Teacher Education. Prof. Dr. Gollob has visited schools for governance review and teacher-trainings in countries like Albania, Bhutan, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Tanzania, Mongolia, Turkey, Ukraine and Greece.

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