• Kris Laroche

Prayers for Tarn

Hello everyone,

I am sure you have heard about our grade 11 student Tarn Hutton who had an accident on Saturday night. Our whole community has rallied to offer prayers and mediation for his support. Here is today's update from Kyle:

I wanted to share with you news of Tarn's progress over the last 24 hours. His hemoglobin and liver enzyme levels continue to move in the right direction. Last night a tube was successfully inserted in his chest to remove fluid. Later today he will be meeting with the surgeon about the progress of his lungs. Tarn had his first meal this morning and LOVED it! It tasted so good to him! The different areas of his body that were injured are showing signs of walking themselves forward. We pray that his body can sustain this response.

Continue to hold Tarn in your thoughts and prayers and visualize the healing of his body.

With love--Kyle


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