Pre-K Geckos *Term 1 Week 4*

Dear Parents and Friends,

The Pre-K Geckos have been playing, dancing, singing, exploring and learning all week long. We love to start our week by going on a long nature walk around campus. This Monday, we ventured through the fields and up a hill to find the pigs. Many young pigs were there having a snack with their Mommy. Children also discovered rosella plants with lots of flowers, and each person had the chance to pick some from the branches. We also had a lovely yoga class with Ibu Erika and enjoyed pretending to go to the zoo.

We have just completed our first thematic unit about “My Family and Me”. This week, students created pencil drawings of their family members, and some children also included their pets. Colourful kites are soaring at the entrance to our bright classroom. These kites were made to represent part of our natural family, “Brother Wind”. “Sister Rain” was also completed by tearing off strips of masking tape which were painted over with blue paint. Children also made their very own geckos to bring home with them.

In Green Studies class with Pak Brett, children went for a walk to the nursery that is in front of the big bamboo bridge. Students planted two types of seeds (sunflower and pumpkin) into a banana leaf pot. We are watering the seeds each day and hoping that they sprout soon! In cooking class, children made Indonesian food for the first time this year. Bananas and jack fruit were sliced and batter was mixed to create “Pisang dan Nangka Goreng” (fried bananas and jackfruit). In P.E. class, children continued strengthening their gross motor skills through movement games and physical challenges presented by Pak Bambang. We practised balancing on a bamboo bench as well as a bamboo pole and enjoyed chasing after a giant rainbow ball.

Next week, the Geckos will begin a new thematic unit entitled “Community Helpers”. Next Friday, September 18th, is World Bamboo Day! Have a lovely weekend and looking forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

The Geckos Team *Ibu Ria *Ibu Dewi *Ibu Russlee


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