Pre-K Geckos Term 1 Week 7

trampoline fun at Peek-A-Boo

Dear Parents and Friends,

One of the highlights of our week was the excursion to Peek-A-Boo play centre in Sanur. The students were so excited and enjoyed playing with a wide variety of playground equipment to strengthen their gross motor skills. Another favourite part of the trip was driving around in the big cars and interacting in the imaginative play areas with other students. We are very grateful for the Green School Bio Bus which brought us to our destination safely and sustainably. It was a perfect field trip!

Exploring new places

We love swings

In continuation of our thematic unit “Community Helpers”, we talked about our neighbours at the Begawan Foundation who take care of the Bali Starlings, hornbills and other types of birds. The Geckos often like to visit the birds, and we decided to create a collaborative artwork to express our gratitude for the bird keepers. Students worked together to make the colourful project, and then walked to the bird sanctuary to present the gift. We were delighted to find out that there is a baby Bali Starling there so we had a chance to observe the new tiny bird.

Team work

One of the bird keepers, Pak Mehd

Observing the hornbills

In Green Studies class, Pak Brett and Pak Wayan Bono brought us to the aquaponics garden. Children were lucky to feed the fish and observe the various types of plants growing there. We also enjoyed tasting small yellow tomatoes. Delicious! Speaking of delicious food, students prepared a tasty salad in Cooking class. The Geckos carefully popped the edamame (soybeans) from the pods, sliced cucumbers, chopped tomatoes and peeled baby potatoes.

Preparing vegetable salad

Ibu Ria has been full of ideas for new art projects incorporating recycled materials from Kembali. This week, she helped the students to create cars/trucks/buses from plastic bottles and lids. During a nature walk, we also collected some items from Mother Earth that we found on the path. These were utilised to make sailboats.

Recycled crafts

Just a reminder for next week, school will be closed on Friday October 9th for Parent Teacher Conferences. Please email Ibu Russlee if you would like to schedule a meeting with the Pre-K teachers. School will also be closed from October 12th – October 16th for the mid-Semester break. Classes will resume on Monday, October 19th for the start of Term 2. Thank you for your support and have an awesome weekend.

Train game in Bahasa class

Warm regards,

*Ibu Russlee *Ibu Ria *Ibu Dewi

P.E. class with Pak Bambang


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