Pre-K Geckos: Term 1, Week 7 – HAPPY WORLD BAMBOO DAY!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Happy World Bamboo Day!

We are so lucky to have our school made of bamboo. We can find lots of things that are created out of bamboo in our classroom, for instance, the floor, the pineapple cubby, the “magic house”, the storage baskets, the book shelf, the tables, the fence, the roof, and many more. Bamboo is everywhere! Here are some facts about bamboo: Bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree. Bamboo grows incredibly fast. During those first years, bamboo experiences tremendous growth in roots, not on stems. Why? Bamboo is preparing a very strong foundation, so that they can sustain their height that will reach tens of meters, in the future. So be like bamboo. When it is blown by a strong wind, it will droop, but once the wind passes, it will be erect again, as the journey of a human life that never escaped the trials and obstacles. Let’s bend like bamboo and be adaptable, which is one of our Green School skills.

Celebrating this special day, we attended an exciting morning assembly on Wednesday with the Lower School. The Geckos enjoyed watching the performances and dancing with other big friends from older grades at the assembly. Some students even had the chance to find their older siblings and dance together. We had loads of fun! We were thrilled to see a High School student doing tricks on her unicycle. She has been practising since she was 6 years old.

In the afternoon, we cleaned our bamboo classroom using wet cloths and brooms to participate in a school-wide event called “Drop Everything and Clean”. It is also a way to extend our gratitude to our beloved Ibu Pitri and Ibu Citra for cleaning the classroom every morning and getting the classroom ready before we arrive. This activity was also integrated with our thematic lesson “Community Helpers”, to learn that we are a community and we have to help each other.

Thematic Lesson

During Circle Time, we played a game based on a song “Miss Polly”. Everybody took turns to have the role as Miss Polly, Dolly, or the doctor. We sang together as our friends acted out the role play.

We were talking about dreams and hopes with the children this week. Then the children created a drawing on a piece of paper and then with the teachers’ help, we wrote down their dreams and/ hopes.

Teman-teman with Kindy

This week, our Kindy friends came to explore our classroom during Teman-teman session. The Geckos’ children excitedly showed the toys, the books, and the costumes that we have in the classroom. Everybody played nicely and gently. Some friendships have formed and we are looking forward to build more relationships every day.

Bahasa & Budaya Indonesia

Ibu Par had magical cards with actions printed on each card, such as menggosok gigi (brushing teeth), mandi (taking a bath), mencuci tangan (washing hands), mencuci muka (washing face), and mencuci rambut (washing hair). Each child had a chance to imitate one action, and the others had to guess what she/he was pretending to do.

At Budaya Indonesia Class, we played a traditional Indonesian game called Petak Umpet  (Hide and Seek). We had a special way to choose the counter by doing hompimpa. We also practiced how to count from 1 – 10 in Bahasa Indonesia.

Music Class

The class this week began by playing the chicken game. Then we took turns to play “blue bird” game. Ibu Jamie and Pak Aris also brought many more musical instruments to our classroom. They introduced us to the name of each instrument and let us play with those instruments.

Yoga Class

To begin the class, Ibu Cherry invited us to practice on our conscious breathing by taking breaths in and as we breathe out, we say AUM . The children also enthusiastically flowed through poses to “I am Yoga” song. Ibu Cherry brought her special yoga cards to play Yoga Freeze Dance. She put one yoga card on each mat. When the music was on, we danced around the studio, and when the music was off, the children had to go on a mat to do the pose. Some poses that were exposed: the gorilla, dolphin, whale, airplane, bridge, tree, twisting, slide, warrior 1, warrior 2, butterfly, child, happy baby, flying superhero, and bow poses.

The class then ended with yoga relaxing savasana with the singing bowl. Namaste!

P.E. Class

Stations were set by Pak Garrett and Pak Putu to enhance our gross motor skills. The children enthusiastically practiced their skills as the music was playing on the speaker.

Cooking Class

“Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?” Making cookies is not as easy as eating them. But the children excitedly worked together to make the cookies. This week we made pineapple cookies using fresh pineapple. The children cut the pineapple into tiny pieces. Then they helped to measure the flour using a spoon and we took turns to scoop the flour into a bigger bowl. The teacher helped to make the dough by mixing the flour, eggs, brown sugar, and butter. The children then helped to make the cookies into various shapes and put fresh pineapple on top. When it was ready, we put in the oven. The cookies were so yumm!!

Happy Birthday Bailey! We celebrated Bailey’s birthday this Thursday by singing birthday songs in English and in Bahasa Indonesia. Then a special birthday crown for the birthday boy! Hip hip hooray!

Upcoming Dates:

  1. Tuesday, September 24 at 9:00 am at the Green Warung- Session with Ibu Sharon, our Lower School Counselor.

  2. Early Years information session for parents in the Pre-K Starlings Merah classroom has to be moved to next Monday, September 30th from from 9:15-10:00 am. This will include an overview of the programme, such as play-based learning, environmental readiness, Bahasa Indonesia, etc.

  3. September 27 – Parent Teacher Conferences. Non-school day for children. Please return the “Getting to know you” letter that were sent home last Friday. If you would like to share some information about your child, it would be great if you could bring it to school by next Wednesday. Thank you for the one who sent the letter back with your child’s information.

  4. Mid-Term Break: October 5th – 20th. First day back to school at Term 2 will be on October 21st.

Thank you for your kind support all the time. We will see you next Monday back at school. Have a colourful and wonderful weekend.

Best wishes,

The Geckos


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