Pre-K Geckos: Term 2 Week 1, Welcome Back!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome back! Term 2 has started with a week full of joy and fun. The first day back at school began smoothly and the children spent the day with excitement. In Geckos, we are learning to share friends and toys as well as to take turns using the toys, sharing ideas in a group, and much more. We are also taking turns to be the Gecko Helper who is the person who can be the line leader (with a teacher leading the way) when we go exploring places around campus and he/she will ask, “Are you ready?” as well as saying, “Siap gerak. Maju jalan!” (Be ready. Let’s go!).  How do we choose the Gecko Helper? Well, we believe that the fairies live around us and they are always watching us and making sure that we are being kind. They help the teacher to choose the Gecko Helper while we are singing our special chant, “Gecko helper cha cha cha. Gecko helper cha cha cha….” During this new daily activity, the children are stimulated to ask yes/no questions about the clues which lead to the Gecko Helper, for example, “Is the Gecko Helper a boy or a girl?”, “Is she/he wearing…. (any colours, type of outfit, and more)?”. They are also introduced to letter sounds that start their name, as well as counting name tags with one to one correspondence. Once we find out the Geckos Helper, he/she will play the glockenspiel as a way to say thank you the the fairies, and then he/she gets to have face/arm/leg paint.

We started this week by visiting the Library on Monday morning and listened to a story read by Ibu Ayu, as well as borrowed different books to bring to the classroom.

Yoga Class

Ibu Cherry began the class by singing “Wheels on the Bus” while we laid down with legs straight up, then we moved our legs round and round. We also flashed back to the story during our field trip to Peek-A-Boo, then we imitated some poses, such as slide, table, jumping, and hopping. We danced to Sun Salutation song. We celebrated three birthdays that happened during the break. Happy Birthday Arthur, Ibu Dale, and Ibu Cherry!  We did candle pose while singing Happy Birthday song. More poses were also exposed, such as chair, cobra, child, cat, cow, and superhero. The children supported each other by holding hands and making a circle while doing tree pose. We also explored the Yoga Studio space by looking down at the river and did warrior 1 and airplane pose. Namaste!

Music Class

Pak Aris and Ibu Jamie brought their instruments Angklung Bambu while singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” song. Ibu Jamie also played different kinds of music on the recorder and invited the children to paint to the music during a “music painting” activity.

Thematic activities

This week, we started a new thematic unit called “Butterfly Garden”, which will be focused on the life cycle of the butterfly. Then we will explore more about other insects as well as looking at their characteristics. Insects have six legs, two antennae, and three body parts, those are head, thorax, and abdomen. The children listened to a story, “A Very Hungry Caterpillar” and learned about how an egg transformed into a beautiful butterfly. We started the butterfly life cycle project part 1, making the butterfly eggs. We covered a small rock with cotton, dipped it in the water, and then squished it to stick the cotton. We also created symmetrical butterfly paintings. It was magical to see how the paints turned into multi-coloured butterflies.

Green Studies

Do you know how lucky we are living on mother earth? If we take good care of mother earth, we can get so many gifts, such as fresh air to breath, clean water to drink, healthy food to eat, and more. Look at these special gifts from mother earth that Ibu Pera and Ibu Nicolene brought to our class. They are so pretty, smell tasty and taste delicious. Thank you mother earth. Thank you Ibu Pera and Ibu Nicolene!

We also went for a walk with our friends, the two henny penny, and we took turns carrying them down to where the pigs and the cows are. Guess what we did with the pigs? We washed and fed them!  Yes, we had so much fun washing the pigs. Some of us were feeling scared to get close to the pigs because they love to smell and kiss everything they see with their noses. But the pigs were being good listeners. When Ibu Nicolene said “go back”, they went back to their place. Also, when Ibu Pera and Ibu Nicolene gave each of them a tickle, they laid down and closed their eyes. It was so funny seeing how the pigs got tickled. We also came close to the cow and she felt happy when some of us pat her head gently. There were many dung beetles found by Ibu Nicolene. Do you know what dung beetles do? They dig holes on the ground, roll the cow poo and bring it to underground.

P.E. Class

Pak Putu, Pak Garrett, and Ibu Amanda set stations at the Gym where the children enhanced their gross motor skills. Look at all the fun they had during the class.

Cooking Class

In Cooking Class this week, we made Es Kolak. It is a kind of cool beverage made from banana, sweet potato, palm sugar, coconut milk, and little bit of salt. We boiled the palm sugar with water, added bananas and sweet potatoes, and a little bit of salt. Then we poured coconut milk as the last step. When it cools down, it can be served with ice cubes. You also can add more coconut milk as well as jack fruit if you’d like to have more taste.

Bahasa and Budaya Indonesia

This week, the focus was learning about colours through games. We hunted for things in the classroom which have the colour merah (red), kuning (yellow), biru (blue), and hijau (green). We also played “Warna Musik” (Musical Colours) game. We danced when the music was on and stopped and found one of our favourite colours (each colour was already set on four cushions) when the music was off.

During Budaya Indonesia, Ibu Par introduced us a new Balinese traditional song, Siap Sangkur (Rooster). Some children excitedly took the role to be the siap sangkur. The teachers sang the song in Balinese, and the siap sangkur pretended to eat the corn. Then, at the end, one siap sangkur tried to pull the other’s tail.

Happy Diwali !


On Friday morning, the Early Years celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights. Diwali symbolises the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.” Light is a metaphor for knowledge and consciousness. The celebration took place in the Early Years classes and playground with four different stations set-up. All children were divided into 4 mixed-age groups and each group rotated to visit each station.


Flower Rangoli

Look how beautiful the rangoli is which was created by the Early Years children and teachers at the Kindy playground!

Making Lanterns

In Starling Merah classroom, we made paper lanterns. The children folded and cut magazine paper to create these beautiful lanterns.

Ramayana Drama and Dance

Taking place in Starling Putih classroom, the children listened to and participated in role-play of the Ramayana. They enthusiastically took a role to be the characters in the play and used lots of costumes and props.

Decorating Elephants

At the dining area, the children decorated elephant pictures by using mixed natural materials, such as white sticky rice, black rice, red rice, mung beans, and dried corn. After they finished, each of them had a bindi stuck on their forehead, if they’d like to have one.

We celebrated Arthur’s Birthday which took place during the mid-semester break. Happy Birthday Arthur!

Halloween is coming! We will be having our annual Trick-or-Treat, on Thursday, October 31 from 8:45-10:00 AM. Children are invited to come dressed in costumes. There is no theme this year so anything is welcome, as long as there are no weapons, pretend or real. Ibu Russlee sent an email with more details of this event and how to volunteer for the activities. Please do not hesitate to contact us or ask us directly if you have any questions.

We have some parents on our list for the Mystery Guest program. If you would like to volunteer to be one, please send us an email to Our timetable is available on Wednesdays (11-12 AM) and Fridays (9-10 AM).

Have a wonderful weekend. See you back at school on Monday. Terima kasih!

Best wishes,

The Geckos Team

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