Pre-K Geckos Term 4 – Week 1

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome to Term 4 – the last term of the school year. It’s hard to imagine that this is our final term together. Let’s make it a great one!

We began a new thematic unit entitled “Butterfly Garden” and started practicing many songs, poems and chants in regards to the theme. Students will explore the life cycle of a butterfly as well as other insects throughout the thematic lesson. This week, children created butterflies in two different ways. One butterfly was made with recycled cardboard and Yakuit containers and another butterfly from footprints and crayons.

One of the highlights of the week was on Friday when Pak Ron Lilley came to visit. He is also known as the “Snake Man” and has dedicated his life to rescuing reptiles and keeping both animals and people safe. The children were delighted to share stories about snakes with him and were captivated to meet Diva, the reticulated python. Pak Ron also brought snake skin and snake eggs while sharing his knowledge about snakes with us. He also provided lessons on snake safety. Thank you very much Pak Ron!

Specialist classes are filled with excitement and fun as we engage in experiential learning. This week, students enjoyed watering plants with the Green Studies team and creating their own songs in BambaJam class. Many yoga poses were explored in the lovely yoga studio. Students loved making bread in Cooking class and ate it with cheese and honey. Delicious!

Just a reminder that school will be closed on Friday, April 15 for parent teacher conferences. Thanks for your love and support.

Best wishes,

The Geckos Team

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