Pre-K Geckos: Week 3 Term 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

Our week was full of excitement and exploration. We have some new resources which were generously donated by Willow and Parker’s family. The children enthusiastically played with all of the new toys. Thank you for sharing your toys!

We have these two boxes ready in front of our classroom. Please stop by at drop off or pick up time and fill something in the box, such as sticks, dried leaves, rocks, dried flowers, cereal boxes, used paper, newspaper, magazines, and other recycled materials.

Bahasa and Budaya Indonesia

By playing a game, children may be able to understand a new concept or idea, take on a different perspective, or experiment with different options or variables. We are learning about colours through a game. Ibu Par called each child’s name one at the time and the child picked one thing from the magic box. Then we said the colour of the toy. We also learned to sing a song about colours.

Warna apa warna apa warna apa disini

Disini warna apa warna apa…. (child’s name)

Warna (the colour that the child picked) 

Warna (the colour that the child picked)

Warna (the colour that the child picked) disini

Disini warna (the colour that the child picked)

Warna (the colour that the child picked) disini

We are getting ready for our performance in the Indonesian Assembly. Look at these pictures as the first clues of our show! Stay tuned! We are looking forward to seeing you at the assembly on November 27th.

Yoga Class

We started the class by flowing through a Sun Salutation with a song. The children had so much fun playing “Yoga Duck Duck Goose” game. Each child excitedly had a turn to be the yoga teacher while the others followed the yoga pose demonstrated by the teacher. The class ended by having relaxing yoga savasana. Namaste!


This term, we made a new Teman-teman connection with Grade 1 Merah which started from this week. We went to their classroom, and they welcomed us by giving us some pictures to colour in. We looked for partners from Grade 1 friends and worked together colouring the pictures. We also created new drawings on the paper with our partner. The children were happily making new friends with the Grade 1. Some of our friends were so lucky because they got to play with their older siblings and did not feel sad when it was time to leave. On the way back to Geckos classroom, we visited the rabbits’ house.

Green Studies

Look at these gifts from the earth that Ibu Pera brought for us. She brought us a snail, two seedlings, a baby coconut, and lots of kangkung (water spinach) seeds. Thank you Ibu Pera. Thank you mother earth!

We also went on a nature walk with Ibu Pera. On the way, we collected more gifts that the earth provides us with, such as dried leaves, sticks, and even this jackfruit that fell from the tree! We visited the group of snail’s families that live in the pond by the big bridge and observed how slowly they move. We found both snail’s and frog’s eggs!

Catching grasshoppers in “grasshopper valley” was also fun. We found so many assorted grasshoppers, including big, small, green, and brown ones.

This week, we also planted seeds that Ibu Pera and Ibu Nicolene presented us last time. The children were so excited to find lots of baby worms inside the compost, and they were very helpful taking care of those worms. They put them back in the compost so that they can grow bigger.

Thematic Lesson

Do you remember about the life cycle of a butterfly? Our butterfly eggs hatched last week, and this week, the caterpillars turned into cocoons after they’ve eaten so much yummy food. Look at their colourful cocoons. It looks like they are going to turn into something beautiful next time. We are looking forward to it!

Music Class

We practised learning a new song in Bahasa Indonesia entitled “Cicak-cicak di Dinding” (Lizards on the Wall) with Pak Aris who played his guitar. It has been a while since the last time we played the “Muffin Man” game with Ibu Jamie. The children excitedly played and wanted to have a turn finding the “Muffin Man”.

P.W. Class

The class started with freeze dance. Pak Garrett set up some stations where the children had the chance to hone their gross motor skills, such as jumping, hopping, balancing, running zigzag, throwing and catching.

Cooking Class

This week, we made potato wedges. The children helped to cut the potatoes and plucked the parsley. Then we added salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese, and we baked it. It tasted super yummy!

before baking

after baking

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer to be our Mystery Guest by sending us an email to Our timetable is available on Wednesdays (11-12 AM) and Fridays (9-10 AM). Please contact us if you have questions in scheduling your visit.

Pots and pans! Pots and pans! Pots and pans!

Join us for our mud kitchen Pots and Pans Campaign! Our Early Years’ children shared about it at the school assembly today!  Please bring your unused kitchen equipment, including utensils, to our new kitchen in our playground. We will cook your favorite food!

Reminders of the upcoming events and ceremonies:

  1. Full moon Ceremony, next Tuesday, November 12th. Please pack Balinese traditional outfit including sarong, kebaya and sash for the girls / sarong and udeng for the boys.

  2. BambooPalooza, November 15th. We are having a staggered dismissal on this day so please pick-up your child from their classroom at 2:00 pm.

  3. Early Years Indonesian Assembly, November 27th at 9:00 am.

  4. Saraswati Celebration, December 7th – Saturday morning.

  5. Lower School Learning Showcase, December 11-12

  6. Early Years Potluck Breakfast, December 18th.

  7. Last day of Term 2, December 19th. (half day of school)

Terima kasih. We hope you have a wonderful weekend and see you all back at school next Monday.

Warm wishes,

The Geckos Team

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