Pre-K Geckos ~ First Week of School

Dear lovely Parents and Friends,

Welcome to be a part of Green School and of course, to be a part of Geckos’ family. We are very excited to meet you and to play with your little ones at Geckos Class and around Early Years area.

My name is Darmini, known as Ibu Kadek, and together with Ibu Pipit and Ibu Dewi, we will be teaching the Geckos Class this year. Pak Brett will be joining us as a part-time Geckos teacher. Today, it has been a very wonderful orientation day and a beautiful moment where, for most of you, we can meet you and your child for the first time.

Through this blog post, we would like to remind you of a few things:

*Please remember to pack a healthy snack, water bottle, lunch (if you want to pack lunch from home), hat, and some spare clothes. This information has been shared by email from Ibu Suci in the Early Years Handbook. But if you haven’t received the email, please let us know.

*Pick-up time is 3:00 and children will be picked up from the classroom. One exception to this is when we attend Assemblies which usually take place on Friday in the Sangkep. This Friday, there will be an all school Assembly so unless your child is sleeping in the classroom, please pick up your child from the Sangkep. They will have their bags with them.

*On Monday, please pack Balinese Ceremonial clothes (sarong, sash, and Kebaya for girl, sarong, sash, and shirt for boy) for your child for Mapinton Ceremony (welcome to school ceremony). We also have some extra sarongs in the classroom if you do not have any for your child. We will help the children to put on the clothes. The ceremony will be at 2.30 pm and we will assemble at the HoS (Heart of School).

The first thematic unit we will explore is “My Family and Me”. To support this thematic, we request the children to bring their family picture to be displayed in the classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email at

Looking forward to have amazing and fun days.

With love,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Pipit, Pak Brett, and Ibu Dewi


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