Pre-K Geckos ~ Term 1 Week 3

Dear parents and friends, as you may have experienced it yourself, being with the children are bound to have an unexpected, surprising moments that you can’t always capture on the camera. The best case scenarios is we are enjoying our moments with the children and capture them while at it. So you too, can enjoy them. However, that’s not always happening. But we are in Geckos try our best to do just that.

Lets start with a wonderful news. Our student’s number is up to 10 this week, we were welcoming Molly, a great addition to our class and here are some of the funny, fun, learning moments we had this week.

We played and explored shapes through playdough, the children said they wanted to make a lollypop. So we made it! .

Ni Luh and Myla working on their lollies.

Myla with her colorful lollypop

Somehow the boys decided that they preferred their lollies in mono color.

Continuing our thematic this week, the children made an attempt to draw their family member and stick it on the stick house. They also made a Gecko’s family tree which now is beautifully hung in the classroom.

We made pisang goreng and it tasted so yummy, some children had to go for a second and third serving!

Enea loves pisang goreng

Taking turn making the batter for pisang.

Our first PE class, what a fun time we all had. The children also had a  tongue twister moment when they tried to pronounce the PE teacher’s name, Pak Bambang.

Hula hooping

Follow Pak Bambang on the green line.

Yoga continued on with a blast! We’ve had so much fun exploring our bodies through dance movements this week. Ibu Ruslee put some music on, the children danced and when she stopped  the music, we all had to freeze in a yoga pose that we like.

Playing time can’t be more fun than having superheroes in our class. Here’s Oak an avid Spiderman fan and Putu who wanted to be Superman and didn’t mind to put on the Supergirl costume to be a superman.

It takes a super man to put on a supergirl costume, don’t you think?

Music and Green Studies with Pak Brett this week. The children were exploring the sound and our school environment. They played some instruments, visiting the fish pond and pet the rabbit.

That’s what we’ve been up to dear parents and friends, we are so looking forward for another exhilarating week.

With love, Gecko’s team

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