Pre-K Geckos ~ Term 1 Week 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

The Geckos had another wonderful week exploring our body parts. They created “My face” art work by cutting out shapes and gluing on a paper. They also made necklace and bracelet for someone in their family.

“My Face”

During our Monday Nature Walk, we took the children to visit and explore the pond in Early Years playground then we went to visit the garden near the Heart of School.

We visited the pond in our playground

Look! We found “Crocodile’s tongues” (Aloe Vera) in our garden 🙂

We made “Mango Sticky Rice” for our Cooking Class.

Here are some more activities this week 🙂

Pak Brett took us to go under our classroom.

We found a lot of small holes under the Geckos Class. We wondered what animal lives inside.

Then we watered our garden. So fun!

P.E Class with Pak Bambang

Hold your hands and run safely…

Yoga Class with Ibu Russlee

Today, we made decorations for Penjor. The Geckos joined in the school Penjor Festival to celebrate Galungan Holiday. Galungan is the day in which the Balinese people celebrate the victory of Dharma (Good) over Adharma (Evil).

And…… this is our Penjor

Next week, we will have a short week. School closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, celebrating Galungan. We have normal school days on Monday and Friday.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Galungan!

With love,

Geckos Team


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