Pre-K Geckos ~ Term 1 Week 6

Dear parents and friends, Should you be curious about what your child’s activities are in the school, there are at least five ways to find out; 1. Read the announcement board, preferably in the morning as in the afternoon it will be happily wiped off by the children 2. Look around in the classroom, see if you can spot something new and talk about it with your child 3. Ask the teacher 4. Ask the child 5. Read the blog

Even a simple activity such as unpacking your child’s bag can ignite the conversation. You may ask them about how/where they got that funny looking stain on their t-shirt from. Start with something small, avoid the yes/no question.

This week  had been bursting with activities where we cultivate great interaction with and amongst the children. We’re on the last week of thematic“My family and me”- we managed to do our routines within the class and specialists, created different art projects, did some extra activities such as full moon ceremony and visiting our Toucans friend. Here are some of this week’s activities in pictures;

If you know how to cut the flanel like us

know how to put the glue on like Aiden

know how to paint like Nirvana

Then you know how to make sister rain! Like Myla here

Father Sun required a different kind of fun. Finger painting!

And tore up the paper was crucial to create mother earth!

Climbed and rolled down a gigantic ball of course!

What can be more exciting than throwing a rubber wheel?

Music class with Pak Brett – the children exploring the sound of our brand new hand drum set

Yoga with Ibu Ruslee. Aiden did yoga nidra 🙂

In Green Studies, Molly planted a blue flower seed

Cooking class with Ibu Dewi, we made a super yum steamed pumpkin cupcake

Rapunzel and The Prince looking for inspiration to build a new castle

The boys were eager to help Pak Arik fix the floor

Sticking game, another fine motor skill activity in our class.

Ibu Kadek lead the beautiful full moon ceremony.

Next week we will start our new thematic, “My bones”. This 4 weeks thematic will start and end with “bones in our body” conversation. In between, we will also talk about nails and teeth. I personally have been keeping my nails unkempt just to show the children how to cut and take care of them. We will hopefully be able to invite a dentist (or future dentist?) to our class to show the children how to take care of their teeth.

We can’t wait!

With love, Gecko’s team

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