Pre-K Geckos ~ Term 1 Week 6

Exploring the aquaponics garden

Finding fish together

Dear Parents and Friends,

Although this week of school only had three days due to holidays, we managed to squeeze in lots of fun and adventures. As usual, we began our Monday morning with a long nature walk exploring new places around our campus. We went for a walk on the path next to the yoga studio and discovered the aquaponics garden. Students were delighted to find a variety of fish and plants, and we talked about how the plants are using the water from the fish pond to grow.

More fish fun

The students walked along the path above the river and searched the ponds for frogs. We were lucky to find multiple frogs in the last pond and spent many minutes observing them swimming and hiding in the water plants.

Gazing at the frog pond

Grateful for walks through the fields

The Geckos continued their exploration of the thematic unit “Community Helpers”. We are thankful for all of the delicious food that Ibu Kadek and her wonderful Kitchen team provide us with every single day. Students created unique chef hats as well as a thank you card to present to the Green School kitchen.

Wearing our new chef hats

Meeting Ibu Kadek, the head chef at Green School

In Bahasa Indonesia classes with Ibu Ria, children have been learning new vocabulary through amazing puppet shows and songs. In regards to our thematic lesson, students take turns being a train or a tunnel while singing together.

Tunnels and trains

Kereta api

During Green Studies class on Tuesday, children worked together to make a worm farm with Pak Brett. It was so much fun!

Seeing the worms for the first time

Releasing the worms into their new home

Scooping compost and soil into the worm bin

Just a reminder, school will be closed this Thursday in observance of a national holiday as well as this Friday, for a PD day for all staff. On Monday, September 28th, the Geckos will embark on a field trip. Please pack socks, water bottle, snack and a spare set of clothes. We will depart from school promptly at 8:15 am. Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for Friday, October 9th. Thank you and enjoy your extended weekend. Looking forward to seeing you again on Monday.

With love,

The Geckos Team


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