PRE-K GECKOS ~ Term 2 ~ Week 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

We had an amazing time on this third week. Although we had slight changes in the classroom from Ibu Russlee going on her maternity leave and Ibu Kadek starting her first week, we were able to adjust quickly.

The fairy tale we explored this week was “Jack and the Bean Stalk”. The Geckos made their own bean stalks out of recycled tissue rolls and leaves that they then painted green. They made a castle from recycled cardboard complete with a cotton cloud on top of the bean stalk. By using the other materials, we created other beanstalks by weaving various shapes from recycled paper on pipe cleaners. Through this craft activity, the students learned to cut using scissors and to recognize shapes.

The students cut off the shapes.

The students makes beanstalk using recycled tissue rolls

Beanstalk and the castle art craft.

On Monday, the Geckos visited the ducks at the pond. We also explored the pond itself and saw some fish and a big frog. In Yoga Class with Ibu Erika, we did animal yoga poses to the story, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

Nature walk to the pond

Yoga Class with Ibu Erika

We had Green Studies with Pak Wayan and Pak Made on Tuesday. The students helped carry alang-alang to the garden bed, where they placed it down to keep the soil moist.

In cooking class, students made “Dragon Juice” from dragon fruit, mango, banana, and ice cubes. They enjoyed the fresh juice in this hot weather.

“Dragon Juice” mustache

Geckos’ cooking class

In PE Class, we played “Choo Choo Train” with Pak Bambang. The students exercised by running around the Gym area,  jumping with holding a ball, and it ended up by doing the cooling down movement.

Let’s go on a “Choo Choo Train”

1…2…3… touch the ground

During Bahasa Class this week, Ibu Ria did the “Finding Frog” game. The students learned the “Kodok” song and recognized numbers. They were so amazed and engaged while playing the game. In Budaya Indonesia Class, the students were astonished when Ibu Suci did an oral story-telling.

This week we also welcomed Ibu Russlee’s baby girl and the Geckos made lovely cards with beautiful pictures and messages for the baby. They are so delighted and excited to welcome the new baby.

Thank you for your continued love and support. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

Warm wishes,

Geckos Team


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