Pre-K Geckos ~ Term 3 ~ Week 7

Dear Parents and Friends,

This week, we started a new thematic unit entitled “Oceans”. Our Morning Circle has transformed into an underwater adventure as we share stories, rhymes, songs, finger plays and games about the sea. “Mr. Sharky”, “My Bonnie”, “Down by the Ocean” and “10 Little Fishies” are some examples of the ocean-inspired songs and games incorporated into Circle Time. If you visit the beach, please help us collect treasures from the sea for art projects, especially shells with holes in them for making jewelry.

Playing “My Bonnie LIes Over the Ocean”

Oceans were the subject of many of the art creations this week. Children explored shapes by making a fish from a circle along with a triangle. Fine motor skills were strengthened by cutting on the lines to create a tail for the fish.

Colouring the fish with crayons

Another project based on sea creatures was a crab. Students painted their hands red and then stamped them side by side on paper to make a crab. Blue and yellow paint were applied to the paper to represent the water and the sand. We also made jellyfish from recycled plastic bottles, bottle caps and ribbons. You can see the final creations proudly displayed in our classroom.

Crab Art Project

On our Monday morning nature walk, students requested to visit the rabbits. The children enjoyed feeding the rabbits and touching them gently. We also visited the swings in the Heart of School and discovered a wild mushroom growing in a garden.

In Yoga Class, children enjoyed playing “Red Light, Green Light Yoga”. Each student had a turn as the traffic light and whenever they said “red light”, the others had to freeze in a yoga pose.

This week’s cooking creation was vegetable soup. The children worked together to slice carrots, potatoes and tomatoes to make a delicious and healthy meal.

In P.E. Class with Pak Bambang, students practiced throwing and catching a small ball which helps develop their gross motor skills in a fun yet challenging way.

Just in case you missed it, here is the email from Ibu Suci, the Early Years Coordinator, about the Nyepi celebration at school next Friday.

On March 4, Green School will have an Ogoh-ogoh parade to celebrate Hari Raya Nyepi (the Balinese New Year and a day of silence). The teachers and students have been preparing the Ogoh-ogoh since the beginning of the month. For the parade, all parents are welcome to join. The Early Years students will be at the field at 2:00 pm. You can use this time to enjoy Gamelan music and take pictures with your children and the Ogoh-ogohs which will all be displayed on the field.

The Nyepi Assembly will start at 2:20 pm in the Gym followed by the Ogoh–ogoh parade around the village at 2:35 pm(The Early Years will have a shorter route than the rest of the school).

Please collect your children in the Heart of School at 3:00 pm after the parade if you are not participating.

There will be no school from Tuesday – Thursday, March 8-10 in observance of Nyepi. We will all be here again on Friday March 11.

Making bamboo art for our panda Ogoh-ogoh

We are also excited for our field trip on Wednesday!! Have a lovely weekend and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards,

The Geckos Team

BambaJam Class with Pak Duncan

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