Pre-K Geckos ~ Term 4 ~ Week 8

Dear Parents and Friends,

We can’t believe how fast the school year is going by. There are only 3 more weeks left of school! We are enjoying every minute with our Geckos before they sprout wings and fly away to the Pre-K Starlings class or to other schools around the world. The last day of school is Thursday, June 16. We are preparing a song to perform in an Assembly before the school year ends. The date will be announced soon, and the students are looking forward to performing on the stage again.

The Geckos explored the thematic unit “Opposites” by sharing their own personal experiences in Morning Circle. We closed our eyes and practiced visualizing feelings such as happiness and sadness. The students shared what makes them feel happy and sad. Some reasons for joy included Daddy, brother, sister, puppy, or Frozen stickers while sadness could be caused by yelling, a dog getting bigger, or Daddy going to the airport. Following this discussion, the children created masks with two sides, one with a smile and one with a frown. Today we were exploring opposite weather and talked about the sun and the moon as well as sun and rain. Children created large colorful drawings and were challenged to include three elements in their pictures… the sun, the rain, and a rainbow. We sang some new songs about rainbows and talked about the order that the colors usually appear in a rainbow.

In Yoga Class this week, we had a new friend teach us yoga named Pak Caleb. He teaches yoga in London and really wanted a chance to teach yoga to the Pre-K Geckos and Pre-K Starlings. It was an exciting and engaging class. We went on an adventure looking for the 3 warriors and each warrior has a special power and yoga pose. Warrior 1 holds the sun in his arms, Warrior 2 shoots messages of love from a bow, and Warrior 3 can fly high above the planet. Thank you Pak Caleb for sharing your passion and love of yoga with us.

In Green Studies Class, Pak Brett brought the Geckos on a nature walk. We were searching for the baby ducks which recently hatched in the duck pond near the Sangkep. The ducklings were out of sight but we still enjoyed the walk with our classmates. Hopefully we can find the ducklings soon. On the way back from P.E. Class today, the students wanted to visit the rabbits and enjoyed feeding them some plants and gently stroking them.

On Wednesday, the Geckos said farewell to Pak Duncan. We had our last BambaJam Class of the year and made a love heart card for our dedicated teacher to express our gratitude. Instead of BambaJam, we will have Music Class with Pak Alex again. Pak Alex taught us in Semester 1, and he will resume teaching the students for the last 3 weeks of school. We are looking forward to meeting Pak Alex again in the Music classroom next Wednesday. In Cooking Class, the Geckos made a delicious carrot cake. Many thanks to Ibu Mariana, a Kindy Mama, for sharing her special recipe with us. It was challenging to grate all of the carrots but all of the hard work was worth it when we smelled our cake baking in the oven. Everyone was thrilled to eat the cake after lunch too.

Tomorrow’s Tumbuh Assembly will begin at 2:15 pm in the Sangkep. There is also a Farmer’s Market after school. Ibu Ayu, the school’s Librarian, requests that all library books be returned as soon as possible so that she can make an inventory of the books in the library. The deadline is next Friday. Have a lovely weekend and see you back at school on Monday.

Best wishes,

The Geckos Team


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