Pre-K Geckos ~Term 2 ~Week 7

Our Geckos created “Jungle Animals” for the thematic unit this week. It was really exciting to learn and share our favorite animals as well as to create some jungle animals art project. The children created snakes by cutting a spiral line and colouring it. During our nature walk on Monday, we walked around campus to visit new buildings and traced a new path on the north side of the school. We also visited the rabbits on the way back to the classroom.

The geckos got to feed the ducks in Green Studies Class with Pak Brett. In Cooking Class, we baked Cheese Cake. The students had a chance to pour flour and stir the batter. We loved to eat the Cheese Cake so much. In Yoga Class, Ibu Erika introduced more partner yoga poses to the students and they were happy to choose their partner.

On Thursday, the Geckos created a monkey from recycled tissue roll. They painted it brown then glued the face, ears, and arms. At the end, they attached the tail using a pipe cleaner. In PE Class, Pak Bambang challenged the students with an obstacle course, which combine fine and gross motor skills, such as walking with hands on the back, frog jumping while holding a ball, running zigzag, jumping on two feet, and placing the ball on a cone.

Today, the students created lion face on a piece of paper with a circle. They drew the face in the circle and painted whiskers and hair using a fork.

School will be closed on Wednesday, December 9th for national election day and will be resume on Thursday, December 10th. And next Friday, December 11th will be a special day for Early Years, especially the Geckos Class. We will have our first performance at the Indonesian Assembly. The Geckos will perform a musical drama on the stage. For further information, we will send an email to parents early next week.

We hope you enjoy your day today at Bamboopalooza and have lots of fun!!!

Have a lovely weekend and will see you on Monday.

Warm regards,

*Geckos Team*

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