Pre-K Geckos ~Term 2~ Week 1

Balancing through the fields

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome to Term 2 of Green School. We are delighted to see the Geckos back at school and hope you had a wonderful vacation. Students and teachers started off the week with a wonderful nature walk where we enjoyed feeding the rabbits some breakfast as well as finding shallow pools in the river to go for a swim. Children were delighted to climb the rocks and search for treasures from Mother Earth.

Visiting our friends, the rabbits

Enjoying a refreshing dip in the river

Students started a new thematic unit this week entitled “Fairy-Tales”. Our Morning Circle has many songs, nursery rhymes and games related to the theme, such as “Little Miss Muffet”, “Jack and Jill” and “All Around the Castle”. Children have also created art projects based on the fairy-tale of the week which is “The Three Little Pigs”. We made pig puppets using paper plates, crayons, glue and triangles. Students are working together with the teachers to create the three houses based on the story using recycled cardboard boxes, paint and other mixed materials. Children also enjoyed playing the different roles from the story and having a turn being the wolf or the pigs.

Drama Time

Little pigs hiding from the wolf

 In Green Studies class with Pak Brett and our Gardener friends, Pak Wayan and Pak Made, the Geckos went for a walk down to the compost station to collect some worms for the worm bin. They liked digging in the dirt with the shovels and watching the worms wiggle around. We visited Ibu JanJan in the Starlings classroom on Wednesday for a fun Art class. Children strengthened their fine motor skills by cutting a paper plate to create a spider. In Yoga class with Ibu Erika, we enjoyed trying new yoga poses and pretending to be a wide variety of animals, such as elephants and monkeys. During Music class with Pak Alex, students jammed on the drums as well as danced to the amazing guitar music. They also experimented with making rhythm patterns by tapping coconut shells on the ground.

In Cooking class, students created “piggy pancakes” made from flour, eggs, milk, bananas and raisins. They were delicious!

Piggy Pancakes inspired by “The 3 Little Pigs”

Next Tuesday, October 27th, is a full moon, and the Early Years students will be participating in a full moon ceremony. Please pack Balinese ceremonial clothing if your child has them. If not, we can use fabric and sarongs from our classroom. We are also planning to play in the mud pit on Tuesday with Pak Brett during Green Studies class. Please pack a swim suit or a spare set of underwear.

Exploring the geese pond

We would love to have parents visit the classroom to be Mystery Guests. This is part of our Early Years program and for the Pre-K Geckos, we wait until the students are more settled in before beginning this program. With the start of Term 2, we are ready for you to come read a story or perhaps lead an art project, cooking class, etc. A cooking class would be Wednesdays at 9:20 am and for reading a story or leading a craft project, Mondays at 9:00 am would be great. If you prefer another day or time, please send an email, and we can work with your schedule.

P.E. class with Pak Bambang

 Next Friday, October 30th, Green School will be celebrating Halloween. Students are invited to attend school wearing costumes, and we are currently planning a Trick-or-Treat activity for the Early Years Learning Neighbourhood. If you would like to volunteer to lead a station for Trick-or-Treating for the Early Years, please let us know. Thank you for your continued love and support.

Warm Wishes,

Pre-K Geckos Team

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