Pre-K Geckos ~Term 3 ~Week 1

Dear Parents and Friends,

Happy New Year and welcome back. This first week of school was filled with fun and joy. The students came to class on the first day with excitement. We are so pleased to meet the new Geckos as well as to see the familiar faces again. The children were keen to join the class for Semester 2 and were able to adjust quickly. The new thematic unit which we started to explore this week is entitled “Plants Around Our School”. The sub unit of this week is focusing on “Trees”.

The school week began on Tuesday after the Orientation on Monday for new families. Teachers and students shared stories about what happened during the holidays and created a drawing from the story. The children were curious about things that could be under our classroom, and one of them said, “We can go down and see what’s there”. Pak Brett joined our walk, and the students found some toys from our class under the room. In Green Studies Class, the students were introduced to some insects through images.

On Wednesday, we began a new Music Class, BambaJam, with Pak Duncan. The students practiced keeping a rhythm as well as a game using bamboo musical instruments. The Geckos also created a painting using tissue roll and make “firework”.  In Cooking Class, we made an Indonesian rice flour cake which is known as “Kue Putu”. The students enjoyed eating it very much.

The Geckos created a drawing about “what comes out of a seed”. Each of them were given a paper with a seed glued to it, and they drew a plant or a tree or whatever they imagined would come out of the seed. During P.E Class, the students performed a combination of movements inspired by animals with Pak Bambang.

On Friday, the students created a tree using collage from fabric, buttons, and recycled bottle caps. We visited the library, and Ibu Ayu, the Librarian, read a book about friendship.

We would love to invite parents to be a Mystery Guest in our class. You are welcome to do activities, such as reading books, telling stories, singing songs, cooking class, doing arts and crafts, etc. Please let us know a convenient time for you, and we will see if it matches with our classroom schedule. Thank you for your support and attention. We look forward to another amazing semester together.

Have a lovely weekend. We will see you on Monday.

Warm regards,

*Geckos Team*

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