Pre-K Geckos ~Term 3 ~Week 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

What a fun week!

This week, the Geckos explored and learned more about fruits. We were excited to share story about our favorite fruits as well as created fruit art projects.

We had our Nature Walk on Monday by visiting the Clinic to do anthropometric measurement. While waiting for the turn, we created a free drawing on a paper. The class was divided into three small groups and we imitated yoga poses based on picture on cards, crossed “Crocodile River”, and practiced partner yoga poses with Ibu Erika.

The Geckos created Apple craft. We tore paper and stuck them on a paper plate using glue. Pak Brett was not at school on Tuesday and there was no rain, so we apologized to the kids because we could not “Jump in the Puddle”. We had Green Studies with Ibu Melda and Pak Made instead. We added compost to our spiral garden.

In Cooking Class, Ibu Erika came to surprise us as a Mystery Guest and she helped us making Banana Oatmeal Coconut Cookie. We loved the cookie so much. In Bamba Jam, we played musical conversation game where each of us played the Bamba Jam in turn as in making conversation. It was so much fun!

Thursday was Rambutan and Star Fruit Day! Everyone tried to eat Rambutan and Star Fruit, then we drew Rambutan on a paper as well as made Star Fruit stamps. The class danced aerobic during P.E Class with Pak Bambang. Fun fun fun!

We were celebrating Chinese New Year by creating lantern and drawing our wishes. The Geckos took the red envelope home with their wishes inside it.

We visited Library today and on the way back, we came in to Ibu Suci’s office to have Budaya Indonesia Class. In Bahasa Indonesia Class, Ibu Ria took the students to Magic Crystal once and we also have started to gather ideas for our Ogoh-Ogoh for Nyepi Celebration.

Next week, there will be only one day of school, Friday, February 12th. The school closed on Monday, Feb 8th for Chinese New Year and Tues, Feb 9th – Thurs, Feb 11th for Galungan Celebration. Ibu Russlee will be back to the class from her maternity leave on Monday, Feb 15th. We are so excited to have Ibu Russlee back to the Geckos.

Have a lovely weekend and wonderful holiday!

With love,

Geckos Team

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