Pre-K Starlings Term 1 – Week 8

Dear Parents and Friends,

Thank you for all your love and support during the past 8 weeks! Our first term of the school year was filled with fun, discoveries and learning. 

Last week we ended our Thematic Lesson about “Our body and our five senses” by exploring the sense of Touch.

Several sensory activities were prepared in order to increase students vocabulary and body awareness.

We walked around campus, exploring  different textures that can be found in Nature, such as rough trees and smooth rocks.

We touched the cold water of the natural swimming pool near the bamboo bridge and felt the warmth of the sunlight on the way back to the classroom.

The Starlings created colorful drawings on sandpaper sheets.

Painted with dry pasta and food coloring.

And learned how to crack and peel off eggs

Our week was also filled with different moments together with our dear specialist teachers.

Thank you so much for your presence during our PTC. It was a pleasure to share a little bit more about your children with you and hear so many interesting and positive feedbacks.

Next term we will start a new Thematic Lesson, focused in values such as Respect, Peace and Care. We will also welcome all families to come as mystery guests and share special things about their background, ethnicity, traditions in order to develop and empower our students Identity and celebrate the beautiful diversity of our group.

For the families that were unable to attend our PTC, please contact us after the break.

School will be closed next week from Monday October 12th – Friday October 16th for a mid-semester break. Classes will resume on Monday, October 19th.

Thank you for your continued support and love and have a great holiday.

Ibu JanJan, Ibu Jessyca and Ibu Komang

PS: We are encountering some technical issues and are unable to upload photos. As soon as possible we will update this post and share all lovely pictures we took with you.


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