Pre-K Starlings – Term 2 Week 7

Dear parents & friends,

This week was such a wonderful week as we had “The Little Red Hen” as our fairytale this week, and “Legenda Cendrawasih” (Legend of Cendrawasih, a story from Papua) as our Indonesian folktale.

And what made it more wonderful was that we learnt how we recycle things into some beautiful crafts!

We made our own red hens from a tissue roll, bottle caps, and scrap paper.

We made our “burung” (birds) using coffee cup cover.

We also made our own book version of “The Little Red Hen”. We colored the pictures, cut them, put them in order, and made them into a book.

Not only beautiful crafts, we also had a sweet surprise from Bu Janjan.

We learnt some new music instruments during Pak Alex’s class.

And.. we also had a short dance party to end this wonderful week!

Yay! We had so much happiness this week. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Bu Jessyca, Bu Janjan, Bu Tina


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