Pre-K Starlings – Term 3 Week 1

Dear Parents & Friends,


We are so excited to start 2016 with Starlings! And..we would like to welcome the new Starlings’ families too!

This week’s theme: “Plants around our school” was started by nature walk.

We also made a tree collage. First, we collected the leaves..

We cut them all and glued it on a paper..

Also we cut the paper so it will turn into a tree. Tada!

On the other day, Ibu Bia taught us to play Hunting and Guessing games. She took us to the bridge, and let us to find anything we like..

Then, we need to let Ibu Bia guess what we had.

Oh! There are some other fun things we had!

We made a painting using Banana tree branch..

We had our very first Bambaajam class with Pak Duncan..

PE class with Pak Bambang..

also a short play of Si Kancil story with Ibu Suci..

What a fantastic week! Happy weekend, everybody! 🙂


Starlings Team

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