Pre-K Starlings – Term 3 – Week 11

Dear Parents and Friends,

We are very proud of out students achievements and it is beautiful to see how much they have grown.

Last week we ended our thematic lesson about Magical Creatures exploring the AIR element. Unicorns, Fairies and Butterfly People. Some students questioned us:

But, Ibu JanJan, If you can´t see them how do you know they exist?

My answer was: Not everything our eyes see are real and not everything our eyes don’t see are unreal, but everything we feel with our hearts is. We practiced together and found out we all have a very special super power: “The power of Imagination”!

Each child was invited to describe one part of the invisible fairy inside our classroom and the result was a very funny interesting three-eyed-short-winged-long-curly-haired-boy-fairy!

Children also created their own unique designed wings using yarn, strings and pompoms.

And we had 3 special mystery guests coming to visit us:

Ibu Puri came teach us science and showed us how to make elephant toothpaste experiments and magnetic playdough.

Ibu Uta and Pak William performed a very interesting story about the Legend of Phoenix.

We also said goodbye to two very special friends: Vicente and Theo. We wish them both all the best in their new home. We will miss you sooooooooo much!

We hope you all enjoy your holidays and we see you all next term!

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