Pre-K Starlings – Term 3 Week 3 – Rain Rain Go Away

Dear Parents and Friends,

The fourth week flew by very quickly and with the weather changing all the time, please make sure you all stay healthy. Starlings have been very busy this week learning and joining in with fun activities happening in and outside the classroom. “Weather Changes” was our theme this week. The Starlings learned more about the weather and the seasons all around the world. They also did a science experiment to see where the rain comes from and how it is formed in the clouds. They explored the evaporation process by observing the steam that came from the boiling water process.

Cooking Class

Cooking class is one of the Starlings’ favorite activities. Our cooking skills are improving and our confidence is growing. We are continuing to explore how to cook a variety of foods, both international and Indonesian dishes. This week we baked apple pie… yummy! The children’s focus was to cut the apples into small pieces. They also learned some new words in Bahasa Indonesia like apel is apple, kismis is raisin, and kayu manis is cinnamon. At the end, the apple pie was delicious.


This week was our first time to visit the music room. We explored the wide range of instruments there, for example, ukulele, guitars, drums, keyboards, gamelan, angklung, and kahon. One of the most fascinating ones was the rain stick. The Starlings had a chance to try it one by one and noticed the sound is similar to the rain. They also practiced the song  I Like the Mountain with movements and different rhythms…. and guess what? Next week they will have time to play the gamelan. We are looking forward to this interesting experience!


Ibu Cherry and the Starlings began the yoga class with mindful breathing with feathers. The children used the feathers to blow it gently off their hands as well as other body parents. The students placed the feather on top of their heads and then pretended to be a frog in an elevator, going up and down from a squatting position. It was challenging but they did it. The next activity was combining the yoga movements with the Simon Says game into the “Yogi Says” game. Wow, the Starling stayed focused the entire time and followed the instructions. Then the Starlings practicing the Sun Salutation yoga movements for the assembly on Friday. Last but not least, we ended the yoga class with a guided meditation in savasana pose. Namaste!

Nature Walk and Teman – Teman

This week all of the Starlings joined in the Teman- Teman session together and went on a lovely nature walk. We went to the bridge and brought some books to read with each other. First we observed together the current of the river and the color of the water. After that, we paired up between Starling Merah and Starling Putih to encourage building new friendships and read stories together. This was a fun time and a great way to know each other more.

Green Studies

Measuring how long the snake’s body is that we found in Green Studies.

Can you spot the snake’s body?

Double Birthday Extravaganza

Happy 5th Birthday Clementine and Logan! All of the Starlings came together to celebrate the birthdays of Clementine and Logan which happened during the holidays. Many thanks to Pak Shannon, Ibu Jade and Ibu Jackie for coming to celebrate with us!

Starlings Performance

Wow! What amazing performances! The Early Years students demonstrated a range of yoga poses from Sun Salutation A in the Assembly. They have been practicing during yoga class and almost every day this week in preparation for the show. The Starlings Merah performed another song entitled “See You Later Alligator” and Starlings Putih sang “Buah-buah” song. We are proud of you Starlings! Thank you so much to all of the parents who were able to come and support the children. They were remarkable!

Key dates:

13th February – 8:30 AM Ibu Sharon’s Child Protection Seminar above the Green Warung

14th February –9:00 AM Lower School Assembly in Sangkep – we are not performing but Pak Rizal, a bamboo musician, will be playing music and you are welcome to join and dance with us! This is to celebrate V day / Love Day!

19-20th February – Galungan Holiday – School closed

26 February – Early Years Potluck Breakfast in Kindy from 8:15-9:30 AM. Please bring something to share!

Thank you so much for all the encouragement and support. Have a restful and fun weekend everyone! See you on Monday! Please let us know if you would like to be a Mystery Guest in the classroom. You can reach Team Starlings at

Best wishes, The Starlings Team


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