Pre-K Starlings Term 3 – Week 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

Last week we continued exploring our Thematic about Plants we can eat and play. We learned about Still-Life Art and drew beautiful pictures using real fruits and vegetables as inspiration.

Guess how we got those vegetables?

Our teachers divided us in 3 groups. Each group could spend 33k at the Farm Stand.

We wanted to buy the watermelon but it was too expensive for our budget…

Still, we bought a lot of vegetables!!

We also went on a journey into the “Land with no paintbrushes” and… learned how to create Art using fruits and vegetables as stamps…

“The Land with no Paper”… so we used banana leaves

and the “Land with no Paint”… so we made our own natural paint using carrots (orange), beetroot (purple) and pandan (green).

We also went on a walk and found some sugar cane trees! Pak Wayan kindly cut some pieces for us. They were not as sweet as we expected but still, it was worth trying them!

Next week, there will be only one day of school, Friday, February 12th. School will be closed from Monday, Feb 8th (Chinese New Year) until Thurs, Feb 11th (Galungan Celebration).

Wishing you all a great break!

Much Love,

Ibu JanJan, Ibu Jessyca and Ibu Bia


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