Pre-K Starlings – Term 3 Week 4 – Reduce Reuse Recyle

Dear Parents and Friends,

It was great to start our week by making snow with the IHUB team. It was really fun to have another class with Ibu Diana and Ibu Andini and we started the lesson by singing and dancing to a snow song.  Afterwards, the children were divided into four groups. Each group mixed together baking powder, conditioner and food coloring to make colorful snow. The Starlings were eager to mix all of the ingredients and to feel the cold snow. After that, they used baking molds to form the snow.

After having class with the IHUB team, the Starlings collected some trash from Kembali to build litter robots as they have been learning about how to reduce, reuse and recycle. The students worked collaboratively in groups, sharing their ideas in turn to design the litter robots.

This week the Starlings Putih had a chance to have cooking class on Monday. The children enjoyed making the fried cheese sticks as they enthusiastically grated the cheese, mixed all of the ingredients and rolled the dough. It felt similar to play dough which is one of our favourite classroom activities. All of the children really liked this savory snack and they politely asked for more. The ingredients included 1 kg flour,  200 ml coconut milk, 200 gr unsalted butter, two blocks of cheese, 1 egg and fresh celery.

Our Teman-teman from Grade 3 visited Starlings again on Tuesday. This time the Starlings were sharing about their interests and their favorite things to do at school with the Grade 3 students so the Grade 3 can design activities for the next Teman-teman class.

After two days off to celebrate Galugan, the Starlings started their Friday by joining the Green School Biggest Clean Up event. We had a trash walk and the children were eager to search for rubbish around campus. They found glass bottles, candy wrappers, string, plastic bottles and other types of plastic. Great work Starlings! Thank you for taking care of Mother Earth.

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, February 25th : World Cafe from 1:30-3:00 in the Sangkep to facilitate a hearty dialogue about things that matter to all of us in Primary and Early Years. What is a World Cafe? This is a method for larger group dialogue that allows all voices to be heard, deeper connections to be made, and potential new actions, ideas, possibilities to emerge. Please refer to an email from Ibu Kris, the Head of Primary, for more details.

Wednesday, February 26th : Early Years Potluck Breakfast in Kindy from 8:15-9:30 AM. Please bring food to share and avoid cashews/pistachios due to a severe allergy!

Friday, March 13: Parent-Teacher Conferences (non-school day for children)

Friday, March 20: Ogoh-ogoh Parade at school (details will be sent close to the date). Last day of school in Term 3

Thank you and have a great weekend. We look forward to seeing you all back on Monday for another week of adventures and fun.

Best wishes, The Starlings Team

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