Pre-K Starlings Term 3 Week 8

Dear Parents and Friends,

Our second week exploring the thematic about “Magical Creatures” was filled with Dragons, Phoenixes and Boitatás!

We listened to a story about a very special egg…found in the sands of Mt. Batur in Bali. The last egg os a very important dragon, the most powerful of all: the one with 6 heads. Dragons, Phoenixes and Boitatás help us protect the volcanoes, the sun and the stars. (Boitatá is a magical creature from Brazilian folk tale – it is a snake made of fire).

Students made a volcano out of clay…and also dragons, phoenixes and boitatás. If you would like to see the results, please visit our classroom gallery. Children love sharing their projects with family and friends and this connection is a powerful tool to develop their self-esteem.

During our proficiency lessons, we played Bingo with our friends’ names:

Thank you so much to all parents who joined us during our 3rd Annual Ogoh-Ogoh Parade! Go Pineapples!!!

(Photo: Lee Ann McKee)

Much Love,

Ibu JanJan, Ibu Kadek, Ibu Jessyka and Ibu Komang

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